Dr Dre Net Worth: Is He Still Rich After Selling “Beat by Dre”?

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Dr. Dre Net Worth
Dr. Dre at the Hand and Footprint Ceremony (Credit: Forbes)

Dr. Dre has been famous since December 15, 1992, when he released his first studio album. So far, Dre has brought out two additional albums and 42 singles.

He has once been pronounced the wealthiest rapper in the world, but since Dre sold “Beat by Dre” to Apple Inc, his worth has reportedly dropped.

Dr Dre Net Worth
Dr. Dre (Credit: Getty Images)

Dr. Dre was born on 18th February 1985 (65 years). In 2018, Dr. Dre was on Forbes’s first 100 list of celebrities, standing at #98. his primary source of income is music and electronics. That’s not all about Dre; he is a guru in fathering children from different women. Sounds funny, right? We will tell you more.

Dr. Dre’s Bio

Dr. Dre’s real name given by his parents was Andre Romelle Young. His parents were Theodore and Verna Young. They got married in 1964. They named him Romelle; this is a name after his father’s amateur R7B group, The Romells.

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Dr. Dre’s Net Worth

Dr. Dre, as of 2023, is the fourth wealthiest rapper in the world. His net worth is around $780 million (£65m). This is gathered from his rapper, producer, and entrepreneur career as of January 2023.

Dr. Dre's Net Worth
Dre performs during the Pepsi Super Bowl (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Dre started as a gangsta rap group N.W.A. member with fellow rappers Eazy-E and Ice Cube. Dr. Dre was the real founder of Death Row Records in 1992. He was also the founder of Aftermath Records in 1996.

Partnering with his producer Jimmy Iovine, he is the co-creator of Beats By Dre, which was later sold to Apple in May 2014 for 3 billion dollars.

Why is Dr. Dre So Rich?

Along with his music career, much of Dr. Dre’s net worth is being calculated from his headphones company, “Beats by Dre,” which he founded in 2006 after he made a complaint to the Chairman of Interscope Jimmy Iovine, in 2006. The meeting was about the quality of Apple’s Airbud headphones.

How Much Did He Get from Apple?

Dr. Dre’s headphones company was bought by Apple Inc in 2014 in a deal worth $3 billion dollars from owners Dr. Dre and his partner Jimmy Iovine.

Marriage/Divorce Settlement

In 1996, Dre and Nicole Young got married. They later filed a divorce in 2020. Though divorced, the two had children together; a son (Truice) and a daughter (Truly).

Marriage/Divorce Settlement
Dr. Dre and Nicole Young (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

However, when Nicole filed a divorce document in June 2020, it was reported that the two did not have a prenuptial agreement. Therefore, she could be entitled to a significant portion of his fortune. In December 2021, the couple’s divorce was completed.

Divorce Settlement

At the tale’s end, Dr. Dre agrees to pay her wife Nicole a total of $100 million in two payments. He paid her first $50 million upfront and will have to pay an additional $50 million a year later.

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Dr. Dre’s Children

As we mentioned earlier, Dre is a father of children; Dre and Young only have two children. However, he is the biological father of seven children. One of Dre’s children, Andre Jr, died of a drug overdose in 2008. Below is a complete list of his children:

1. Curtis Young, 40

2. La Tanya Young, 39

3. Andre R Young Jr died at the age of 20

4. Marcel Young, 31

5. Truce

6. Truly

7. Tyra Young

His daughter LaTanya has previously said she has been living in her car and working as a delivery driver to make ends meet.

Her father allegedly stopped financially supporting her in 2020 over her comments to the press.


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