Dj Kool Herc: All You Need To Know About The Legendary Inventor Of Hip-Hop

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DJ Kool Herc net worth
DJ Kool Herc

Nowadays, you can see that the Hip-Hop industry is growing beyond imagination, and if you enjoy hip-hop music, you might already be familiar with the inventor.

If not, then don’t worry; in just a few minutes, you’ll learn everything there is to know about him.

Clive Campbell, originally the Jamaican-American DJ, is better known by his stage name, DJ Kool Herc. He is recognized all over the world for creating the hip-hop music genre in the 1970s. He is termed as the Father of Hip-Hop” and Founder of Hip-Hop. His commitment to the hip-hop industry is the best.

To emphasize the drum beat, Campbell started to focus on the instrumental section of the song, known as the “break,” and alternated between them. He prolonged the break by using two copies of the same record on the same two-turntable setup as dance DJs.

He also referred to the dancers of the break style of dance as “break-boys” and “break-girls” or just “b-boys” and “b-girls.” In fact, these terms are still in use today.

African-American musicians like Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash rapidly adopted Campbell’s DJ approach. In contrast to them, he didn’t enter the early years of commercially recorded hip-hop.

Initially, Herc played albums like Jimmy Castor’s “It’s Just Begun” and James Brown’s “Give It Up or Turn It a Loose“.

DJ Kool Herc
(L-R) Snoop Dogg and ‘The Creator of Hip Hop” DJ Kool Herc (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

DJ Kool Herc: The Legend Of Hip-Hop 

As the hip-hop musical genre’s leading concept was created by DJ Kool Herc, he chose the track to highlight the “break,” a brief yet greatly percussion-heavy section. Herc isolated the break and lengthened it by switching between two record players because this was the section of the record the dancers preferred.

This invention was inspired by a method Herc termed “The Merry-Go-Round,” in which the deejay alternated between breaks at the peak of the party. The reason why this method is known as “The Merry-Go-Round” is because DJ Herc says, “it takes one back and forth with no slack”.

The DJ Kool Herc Fund was established when he was ill. DJ Kool Herc and his family also created an official website, informing people about his physical status when he fell ill.

dj kool herc net worth
American rapper Rakim (born William Michael Griffin Jr.) (right) performs with DJ Kool Herc (born Clive Campbell)
(Photo by Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images)

His Albums

  • DJ Kool Herc and the Herculoids
  • DJ Kool Herc and the Herculoids 2

Recent guest appearance: Mr Green: Last of the Classic Beats

DJ Kool Herc net worth
DJ Kool Herc (Photo by Henry Iddon/PYMCA/Avalon/Getty Images)

Networth Of Dj Kool Herc

There is no doubt that DJ Kool Herc’s continued influence in the music industry is demonstrated by his current $3 million net worth. He’s had an extremely successful career.

Hopefully, you are now familiar with the fact that hip-hop music is widely appreciated by music enthusiasts, and people all over the world are inspired by this amazing, talented artist. People adore him and hold him in high esteem as he brings them to groove to his soundtrack. His admirers never failed to support him in his career.


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