Oliver Anthony Net Worth: Life of the Singer and Composer

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Oliver Anthony
Oliver Anthony at a concert (Credit: Youtube)

Do you want to know about Oliver Anthony’s net worth? Oliver Anthony is a singer and composer who has found it challenging to leave a lasting impact in a short period in today’s society. 

Oliver Anthony NetWorth
Oliver Anthony at a concert (Photo Credit: Youtube Channel)

Oliver has been working in the industry since 2021, and in just two years, he’s made fantastic progress. 

His wonderful music expresses his feelings and stories, resulting from his intense love and respect for music. His music has moved the audience.

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Oliver Anthony’s Early Life: Who He is

Christopher Anthony Lunsford, sometimes Oliver Anthony, is a professional singer-songwriter from Farmville, Virginia, in the United States.

Anthony loves to keep things under wraps. Therefore, little about his private life has been revealed. He left school at the age of 17 to follow his passion.

Oliver Anthony's Early Life
Oliver Anthony singing (Credit: Youtube Channel)

However, he worked in North Carolina and Virginia’s industries before entering the field. 2013 was also a devastating year for him. He was injured in an accident while working in a paper mill, which prevented him from using his skill for over six months.

Additionally, he worked in manufacturing organizations until 2021, and he couldn’t have imagined that he would one day work in the music business.

His single album reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, which is big, making 2023 successful for him. Additionally, he recently performed multiple times live.

Oliver also made a statement stating that he does not enjoy being in the limelight or wanting to perform at large stadium shows. 

Oliver Anthony’s Net Worth

Oliver Anthony will make between $1 million and $2 million yearly as of 2023. Oliver has had a horrible life, leaving it behind, and he could never have imagined himself on this platform. He has even said explicitly in his posts that he does not want to have a significant net worth.

Oliver Anthony’s Net Worth
Oliver Anthony’s in a show (Photo Credit: Youtube Channel)

Additionally, Oliver lives in a 27-foot camper that is worth $750. He added that he turned down $8 million offers, disappointing some in the business. He also makes a lot of money through YouTube in addition to the jobs described above.

Additionally, he has recently purchased a $97,500 Virginia house. He favors things that are close to his home.

In an interview, he said that this way of life is good and that he only wants peace and quiet. He said he wished to return to the woods to spend time there.

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Oliver Anthony’s Best Songs

Some of Oliver Anthony’s well-known songs are: 

  • Rich Men North of Richmond
  • Between You & Me, Doggonit
  • I’ve Gotta Get Sober
  • Stuck Living in the New World
  • Cobwebs and Cocaine
  • I Want To Go Home
  • Feeling Purdy Good
  • Rich Mans Gold
  • Hell on Earth
  • Long Gone
  • Rich Mans Gold
Oliver Anthony's Best Songs
Oliver Anthony in an interview (Credit: Distractify)

You would be aware, though, that his most recent track, “Rich Men North of Richmond,” had topped the Billboard Hot 100. Anthony is the first artist in history to top the charts with no prior reputation or ranking. On Spotify, he has more than three million listeners.

Oliver Anthony’s music career has been impressive with all his hit songs. We encourage you to follow him on all his social media handles. 


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