Tuohy Family Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know

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Tuohy family
The Tuohy family: Sean, Leigh Anne, Michael, Collins and S.J. (Photo Credit: Leigh Anne Tuohy)

How much money does the Tuohy family make? After the release of the financially successful film The Blind Side, the Tuohy family gained considerable media attention. 

Tuohy Family Net Worth
Tuohy Family (Photo: Matthew Sharpe/GETTY)

The Academy Award-winning film depicts how Michael Oher overcame homelessness with the Tuohy family’s assistance and became a star player for the Ole Miss Rebels.

What to Know about the Tuohy Family

Oher participated in NFL games, mostly for the Baltimore Ravens.  Leigh Anne Tuohy, the matriarch of the Tuohy family, has now utilized the film’s platform to fight vigorously for child adoption and foster care. In addition, she is seen posting about a child needing a family.

What to Know about the Tuohy Family
Tuohy Family (Photo Credit: Ned Dishman / Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images)

But the Tuohy family has recently made headlines once more due to a startling admission made by Michael Oher in his 2011 biography, I Beat The Odds.

Since Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy had already taken on responsibility for him as guardians and were now formally deciding to make him a member of the Tuohy family, Michael Oher wrote that he genuinely believed that the conservatorship was a form of adoption for legal adults. 

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Tuohy Family Net Worth: Earnings Revealed

The Tuohy Family’s net worth is thought to be in the neighborhood of $100 million. Families don’t have to match, according to Leigh Anne Tuohy, who has stated that this is her message to everyone.

In 2013, the matriarch of the Tuohy family even served as the host of the UpTV television program “Family Addition,” which also focuses on the idea of adoption.

Tuohy Family Net Worth
Tuohy Family (Credit: Larry Busacca, Getty Images)

Leigh Anne Tuohy refers to Oher as their son before pointing out that many heroes create homes for kids around the nation, as viewers saw in the trailer.

Anne has also discussed the popular NBC program This Is Us, pointing out how it has uncannily paralleled their journey and is very interesting.

She also noted that it is not just their journey; there are many people on this journey, and their story is just the one that was told, she said.

The Tuohy Family on the Blind Side

The Blind Side is a film partially based on the life of NFL player Michael Oher, who pursues his profession after being adopted by the Tuohy family. In the film, Sandra Bullock’s portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy earned her an Oscar in 2010.

The Tuohy Family On The Blind Side
The Tuohy Family (Photo Credit: Buzzfeed)

Although the relationship between the family and Oher is depicted in the film as lovely, it may be in sharp contrast to the most recent accusations made by the former NFL player.

The Tuohy family has also refuted these claims, claiming everyone made the same amount of money from the movie.  Oher added that the movie failed to convey his commitment to hard effort. 

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The Tuohy Family Accusations

The Tuohy family appears in trouble, as Michael Oher has leveled numerous accusations against them.

Oher asserts that under the guise of making him a family member legally, the Tuohy family tricked him into signing away his legal rights and even forced him to accept a conservatorship.

The Tuohy Family Accusations
The Tuohy Family (Photo Credit: The University of Mississippi)

The Tuohy family has supported adoption and foster care, but Oher has a quite different opinion.

The former NFL player further asserted that despite the Oscar-winning film The Blind Side being based on his experiences, his family profited millions from it while he received no compensation.


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