Sean Tuohy Gets Sued By “The Blind Side” Subject Michael Oher

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Net Worth Of Sean Tuohy
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You must be familiar with the National Basketball Association (NBA), so you must be aware of one of the most popular sports commentators, Sean Albro Tuohy.

Do you remember that movie which was based on sports? The movie The Blind Side, available on all platforms, greatly impacted the entertainment industry as it was claimed to be based on a true story. But now, Michael Oher, the subject of the movie “The Blind Side,” is claiming it was a lie.

Now, you must be curious why, but before discussing that, let’s catch a glimpse of his life, net worth, and successful journey throughout his career.

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Sean Tuohy is one of the popular American sports anchors, and he’s also a business tycoon. In the 1980s, he was a basketball player at the University of Mississippi.

Tuohy’s parents are Mida (Michell) and Edward “Skeets” Tuohy, a basketball coach at Isidore Newman School. Soon after graduating from high school, Tuohy was selected by the Cincinnati Reds to play baseball, but he politely declined their offer to go to college.

Tuohy studied at the University of Mississippi, where he played basketball and met Leigh Anne, his future wife. He enrolled in the Mississippi Alpha chapter of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity.

His Career and Other Business Ventures

Tuohy led the Ole Miss Rebels to victory in the year of 1981’s Men’s Basketball Tournament. Tuohy was an All-SEC player each year during his four seasons playing for Ole Miss.

He was also selected for the All-Century SEC team and the first basketball player in SEC history to compile a four-year streak of statistical dominance.

With 260 assists in one season, Tuohy owns the Southeastern Conference record. Until now, there have only been four basketball players selected by Ole Miss Sports.

Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Long John Silver’s, and other fast food restaurants were among the 115 that Tuohy and his wife once owned.

They only hold 11, having sold the majority in six separate transactions. He has also worked as a commentator in a radio broadcast for Westwood One and CBS Radio and also for radio broadcasts at Ole Miss for seven years.

Net Worth Of Sean Tuohy
(L-R) Leigh Anne Tuohy, Sean Tuohy, and Collins Tuohy (Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images For Children Awaiting Parents)

His Personal Life 

In 1982, Tuohy wed Leigh Anne, and the two became parents of two kids. Sean Jr., their only child, was a guard for the Loyola Greyhounds. They adopted Michael Oher, a former NFL player, when he was reportedly 17 years old.

sean tuohy net worth
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They together wrote a book based on him, which was later adapted into a film named The Blind Side, as we discussed at the start of this article. They only have one child named Collins, a cheerleader and pole vaulter at the University of Mississippi who won a state championship.

Net Worth Of Sean Tuohy
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Reports say that Michael Oher sued Tuohy and his wife in August 2023, claiming they had misled him into agreeing to a conservatorship and had not adopted him.

After the news spread rapidly, the matter of conservatorship was acknowledged by Tuohy. He defined that they did not deceive Oher.

Instead, it alleviated the NCAA’s worries regarding Oher’s desire to attend the University of Mississippi and the Tuohys’ role as boosters there.

Net Worth Of Sean Tuohy
Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy at home in Memphis after most of RGT Management assets have been sold.
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Net Worth Of Sean Tuohy

To this date, just four basketball players have been introduced into the Ole Miss Sports Hall of Fame besides Tuohy. His family has a net worth of $100 million due to his successful career and business ventures.

Even though it wasn’t made clear about the family’s income details, they’re certainly leading a successful enterprise. The shocking news of The Blind Side has shaken everyone to the core, but we’re looking forward to where this takes turn.


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