Magoo Rapper Net Worth at the Time of His Death

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Magoo Rapper
Magoo Rapper ( Photo: Johnny Nunez/WIREIMAGE)

Are you interested in knowing about Magoo Rapper’s net worth at his death? Melvin Barcliff, known as Magoo, was a rapper from Norfolk, Virginia.

Magoo Rapper discovered a passion for music, maintained that passion throughout his career, and became one of the most in-demand rappers.

Magoo Rapper net worth
Magoo Rapper (Credit:

As one half of the hip-hop combo Timbaland & Magoo, Magoo was well-known. In 1989, when he was young, he met Timbaland and began his career.

Throughout their careers, Magoo and Timbaland collaborated regularly with other members of the Swing Mob, such as Missy Elliott, Ginuwine, Playa, and Aaliyah.

Magoo Rapper Net Worth

The well-known rapper “Magoo” has a fortune of $2 million. Magoo is the most well-known rapper, and some websites (Wikipedia, Forbes, Bloomberg) have estimated his net worth to be about $2 million.

Magoo Net Worth
Magoo Rapper (Photo Credit: euro.dayfr)

Magoo has earned success in the rap and music sectors by contributing to hit songs, along with Timbaland & Magoo.

In his well-known concerts, he has partnered with well-known performers. He has songs that have contributed to the financial success of his career.

His primary sources of income were the fees he received for music performances and song releases.

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Magoo Rapper Professional Career

When he and Timothy Timbaland Mosley founded the combo Timbaland & Magoo in 1989, Magoo began his professional career in the music industry.

He has published his albums and songs along with the ensemble, gaining popularity and establishing him as a respected musician. In 1997, he published Welcome to Our World, his first album for the music business.

It has gained a following and earned him respect inside the sector. The RIAA has also awarded Platinum certification, notably when it reached the number one spot on The Billboard 200 at position 33 on this chart.

Magoo Professional Career
Magoo in a video (Credit:

His well-known trapping performance has made him well-known in the field. Indecent Proposal and Under Construction, Part II are two further albums the group has released.

He has released his debut track, Up Jumps da Boogie. The Welcome to Our World album contained the hits Luv 2 Luv Ya and Clock Strikes.

These singles have achieved success on music charts due to their increase in popularity in the industry.

Furthermore, the group has performed on stages with well-known musicians. Board Meeting, What ‘Cha Talkin’ About, Warped, and Magoo Verse have all included guests. He has established a thriving career. 

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Magoo Rapper Death And Obituary

According to reports, Magoo’s sudden death at 50 is thought to have been caused by a heart attack.

Kossy Derrick Ent broke the news of Magoo’s death on August 13. Many people were simultaneously shocked and sad to hear about his death. However, his death remains a mystery because nobody has a legit and detailed explanation that has to do with the circumstances of his death.

Magoo Death And Obituary
Magoo Rapper (Photo Credit: dailynationpakistan)

The online community has banded together after this tragic incident to commemorate the musical icon’s memory.

His important contributions to the music industry alongside Timbaland are cherishedly recalled and honored as the news of Magoo’s passing spreads.

His contributions to the music industry cannot be forgotten. Our prayers are with his family and fans as we encourage you to keep his music alive.


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