Henry Ruggs Net Worth: Why Did He Appear in Court?

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Henry Ruggs Net Worth
Henry Ruggs walks off the field (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)

Do you want to know about Henry Riggs’s net worth? He participated in Alabama’s 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship team while playing collegiate football for Alabama. 

You must read this article to learn more about Henry Ruggs’s early life, net worth, career, and other facts.

Henry Ruggs Net Worth
Henry Ruggs III leaves court after an appearance (Photo by Bizuayehu Tesfaye-Pool/Getty Images)

Henry Ruggs’s Early Life

The third, Henry James Ruggs, was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. He attended Robert E. Lee High School. 

Ruggs didn’t start playing high school football until his junior year, but after just two games, he had already won his first merit scholarship.

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Henry Ruggs Professional Life

2017 rookie at Alabama, Ruggs has six touchdowns and 12 catches for 229 yards. As a sophomore in 2018, he has 46 catches for 741 yards and 11 TDs. 

As a junior in 2019, he caught 40 passes for 746 yards and seven touchdowns. During his junior season, Ruggs averaged 23.8 yards when returning kicks, making him the team’s best returner.

He is third all-time in Alabama history in receiving touchdowns with 24 in his professional career. On January 6, 2020, Ruggs said he would let go his senior year and go into the 2020 NFL Draft.

Henry Ruggs Career

The American citizen Henry Ruggs III was born in Montgomery, Alabama, on January 24, 1999. The details of his parents and his early years are not widely known. Since he was a little child, Henry has been active in athletics. 

He was given a berth on the varsity football squad while still in eighth grade and played in the final two games of their season. While he was still in school, this happened.

Henry Ruggs Career
Henry Ruggs and his daughter Kenzli Re’Nai Ruggs (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

It is important to tell you that he attended Robert E. Lee High School in terms of his educational background. Ruggs decided to join the football team in his junior year of high school.

Henry played football in nine games throughout the season during his senior year. He gathered 38 receptions, 639 yards, and 20 touchdowns. Ruggs played many sports, such as basketball and track & field.

He even beat the Class 7A record set by the Alabama High School Athletic Association after finishing the 100-meter sprint in 10.58 seconds. 

Henry Ruggs finally passed through many competitions on the football field. 247Sports had to place him on their rank as second-best high school player in 2017.

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Henry Ruggs Net Worth

He reportedly has a $6 million net worth. Henry earns a living playing wide receiver in American football. 

Henry signed a bonus contract for $9,684,820 with Raider throughout a 16 million dollar contract. Because of his remarkable abilities, they gave him a 4-year contract.

Henry Ruggs Controversies

Once, it was said that Henry Rugg was drunk, so he knocked and killed one Tina Tintor while driving. His contract with the Las Vegas Raiders was canceled in November 2021.

The woman he killed died with her dog on November 2, 2021. Henry Ruggs’ car (Chevrolet Corvette) hit her car (Toyota Rav4) and set it on fire. Henry was also hurt, though.

Henry Ruggs Controversies
Henry Ruggs waiting in court for a hearing (Credit: K.M. Cannon/Las Vegas Review-Journal Getty Images)

An investigation was later carried out. It was reported that Henry was driving at 156 mph at the time of the accident. His blood alcohol level was exceeded as a result.

People who witnessed the accident tried to help Tina but couldn’t because she caught fire and was burnt as the car crashed 570 feet down the road due to the power of the crash. After the sad event, Henry’s contact faced termination.

Maija said the judge ordered Henry Rugg to stop taking alcohol and other harmful drugs. His bail bond was set at $150,000 with an electronic monitoring system. In addition to that, Henry had to submit his passport.


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