Weathering With You 2 Release Date Anticipated by Fans – Studio’s Announcement

Makato Shinkai strikes again with one of his masterpiece collections, Weathering with You, hit the box offices in 2019 and was a great hit. Shinkai, who is known for his heartwarming plot, characters, and great animation, which puts you right in your feels, is once again. Weathering with You part 2 is set to release sooner than we can imagine.

It is one of the best works by Makoto Shinkai, which includes other movies such as Your Name (Kimi no Na Wa), 5 centimeters per second, children who chase lost voices, and many more. Shinkai’s works have always been favorites of anime fans, and continue to do so due to his amazing direction, plot, and animation.

When it comes to the production of Weathering With You, it has different labels like Co-Mix Wave Films, Wakana Okamura, Kinue Ito, and Stor Inc. The music which also plays an integral part in any Shinkai film is by the famous band Radwimps who also sang a few songs for his other movie Your Name, such as Sparkle and Nandemoniya. Radwimps’ music really ties together the essence of what these movies are about.

Weathering With You, also known as Child Of Weather, is distributed by Toho and is based upon a novel of Shinkai. Needless to say, it is one of the many brainchildren of Shinkai that has delivered perfectly. The film is so good that it released both in English and Japanese yet only one part of the movie, whereas the second part is rumored to be in the works.

The release date for Weathering With You 2

The first movie was such a hit as it was nominated for the 92nd Academy Awards for Best International Feature Film. When we talk about the first part, which was released on July 19, 2021, with a budget of 14.06 billion Japanese Yen, it had earned $193.1 million dollars worldwide, which can classify it as a world hit.

The movie was also released in India after several petitions and retweets it gained a lot of attention, fans thanked Shinkai for releasing it in India, and was a great success. Other than that, it was nominated for the Annie Awards in 4 categories.

The second part of Weathering With You has not yet been confirmed officially, but we hope to see it soon in the theatres or any work of Makoto Shinkai soon. As soon as anything of that sort is released, we will keep you updated as soon as possible.

The cast of Weathering With You 2

The casting is said to be remained same as the second movie and the first movie will feature same characters, the cast includes Hodoka Morishima voiced by Kotaro Daigo, Hina Amano voiced by Nana Mori, Keisuke Suga by Shunoguri, Natsumi Suga by Tsubasa Honda, Fumi Tachibana by Chieko Baisho, Nagisa Amano by Sakura Kiryu, Yasui by Sei Hiraizumi and finally, Taikai voicing Yuki Kaji

The plot of Weathering with You 2

The story revolves around Hodoka Morishima who went to Tokyo and met a girl who has magical powers of changing the weather into whatever she wishes to. He falls for the girl and helps her come back to earth. The second part will revolve somewhere along with their sweet friendship, and magical powers to save the earth.