Filthy Rich Season 2 Release Canceled By FOX Studio

The last season was quite exciting and enjoyable for the fans. The renewal of the next season has become very clear. Unfortunately, FOX canceled the next season and decided not to air again. Fans of this series are wondering whether there will be any other news about the second season after the news of cancelation.

This story is based on the New Zealand series. It is also an American drama television series that was created by Tate Taylor for the Fox Broadcasting Company. This is about a drama in which wealth, power, and religion of the Gothic family collide against each other —which has a shameful result.

The series centers on a rich Southern family who made money with a Christian television network. The sudden passing of the founder in a plane crash brings out three more family members (his illegitimate children with different women), all of them want to inherit the whole estate for their own reasons.

A quick recap of the previous season:

There were laughter and fun in the previous season of this series. The adventures of the children were funny. They then learned that they could have the fortune,  which locked all the audience on the screen. Just before McRaney’s company takes a major move, he dies in a plane crash.

Later, jobs in his company were left to his wife after his death. His wife seems to handle these jobs: because he left great wealth behind him, and also because of the love she feels for him. The three illegitimate children appear to change all the balances at once. They not only give Margaret the burden of deceit, but she also confronts the truth that she has to share the legacy of her husband. The events that took place within the shape of all these facts and the complex internal showdowns that everyone entered within themselves made the season inspiring and entertaining.

The show has successfully completed its first season, which lasted in 2020. So, go ahead and check out the updates on the next season.

Filthy Rich Season 2 Release Date Future

Filthy Rich Season 2 release date has been canceled long before the first season was over. The main reason behind the cancellation of the show was the low rating. The series presently has 5.9 ratings on IMDb.

The coming of season 2 is vague. The next season of the series may only be possible only with the purchase of broadcasting rights by another channel, but the possibility of this idea seems near to zero. Moreover, if there is a second season, that will be the end of the show, making it the last season.

Plot And Cast 

The new season will mainly describe the adventures of three illegitimate children in the funniest, dramatic, and exciting ways: Filthy Rich. The plot in the next season will continue with the same excitement and joy as the last.

This season stars Kim Cattrall( as Margaret Monreaux), Corey Cott ( as Eric Monreaux ), Olivia Macklin (as Becky Monreaux), Aubrey Dollar (as Rose Monreaux), Melia Kreiling (as Ginger Sweet), Benjamin Levy Aguilar, Mark L. Young (as Antonio Rivera), Steve Harris (as Franklin Lee), Aaron Lazar (as Paul Luke Thomas), and Gerald McRaney(as Eugene Monreaux).

Stay tuned for more details on the release date of the upcoming season.