Criminal UK Season 3 Release Comes After Netflix Announcement

Criminal UK Season 3 is the upcoming sequel of the ‘Criminal UK,’ which is related to a British police procedural compilation which is created by George Kay and Jim Field Smith. This series is a part of Netflix’s anthology series. The series first season had 12 episodes, which has three episodes in each and in four countries, and they are filmed in their local languages.

The show is set within a police interrogation room where London investigators are engaged in intense games of psycho cat-and-mouse with their suspects in order to find the answers to solve their cases. 

Criminal UK Season 3 Release date:

The fans should be patient about the release date to be revealed about the series. The first season of the series consisted of three thrilling episodes aired in September 2019, and the second one brought four great successions, which were released about a year after the first season, in September 2020.

There are chances that we could see season 3 somewhere around late 2021. On the basis of the previous two seasons on Netflix, the show is expected to be released in late September 2021. As seasons one and two are released in September, so this can be a possibility. The next season is absolutely on its way. For now, we need to wait for Netflix to officially renew the series.

According to reports, the makers are expected to bring the upcoming season by September 2021. But this is just an assumption made by looking at the trends of the release of the previous seasons. This will only depend on the filming strategies, which were planned according to the restriction of the coronavirus COVID-19.


There is no official plot for season 3 presented to the public, and fans should also not expect any kind of details to be revealed until the release date or closer to that.

From the previous seasons, we saw many heart-wrenching crime stories. Even in Season 3, the makers can focus on infamous criminal cases that took place in the United Kingdom over the years. This series is known for its realistic representation of crime stories. So this season is expected to bring in some suspense that will make the audience curious.

Each episode of the series is more or less independent of the rest; DI Tony Myerscough (Lee Ingleby) had a hard time finding the courage to ask his boss Natalie from the previous two seasons. In the ending part of season two, Natalie finally took the initiative and asked Tony to share a drink at the pub as she got tired of the wait.  The third season will continue the investigation on their flourishing relationship.

As if now, it is difficult to guess the plot of the next season unless we get a hint. Even though one thing is clear that Season 3 will not be a  disappointment as the makers really know whats the craze among the audience.

Season 3 cast:

Each episode of the series focuses on a different suspect. As a result, the cast keeps on changing time-to-time. It includes Katherine Kelley, Lee Ingleby, Rochenda Sandall, and Shubham Saraf will also be back in action as the team of detectives and specialists. Mark Duffy also made a surprise return in the previous season after he lost his spot on the team, so it seems likely that he will be back as well for season 3.

Stay tuned for more news on the next season.