Prison Break Season 6 Release Confirmed by FOX – A New Series

Rumors about the Prison Break Season 6 for the mega-hit FOX show has been trailing around for several years now. In January 2018, FOX confirmed that it was developing a new iteration for Prison Break, and it was in the early stages of development. Speaking about the revival mini-series, Sarah Wayne Callies said that they’re gonna do nine episodes and walk away with it to satisfy the fans and not let them down.

Wentworth Miller, who played Michael Scofield on the show, said that he would not continue the story with a handful of suggestions that his character could pursue a relationship with Robert Kepner’s character Theodore Bagwell.

It appears that Miller is sticking to his commitment to permanently depart from the show and remains with his intent to provide a positive LGBT+ representation that can provide terms with their identity. Aside from this, the co-star Dominic Purcell was rumored to quit. He is seemingly still on board with continuing the show.

Will there be a Prison Break season 6?

There is no official announcement from the original broadcaster FOX, but co-star Dominic Purcell seems there is a great possibility for a new season. The actor who starred along with Wentworth Miller in the shows The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow shared an image where he answered a lot of rumors, which was later deleted. He confirmed that there will be a Prison Break season 6.  However, this could change as Miller then quit the show. Miller went on to say he wanted to pursue shows with representation for the LGBT+ community.

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Currently, there is no plan to revive Prison Break or any other franchises. With this being said, this will be updated as new information will come out.

Prison Break Season 6 Release date

If the Prison Break Season 6 decision does go ahead, it could be a lot of time before we get to see a new season due to the pandemic and the cast. Earlier this year, Purcell shared a post that revealed that hearing October was a start date for filming prison break, but it might subject to change. If there is a production in the works then we could see that Autumn 2021 could be the premiere of a new season.

What can we expect in Season 6?

There are no plot details yet of what the new season might bring us, but fans can only hope for what the next season holds for Michael and Lincoln. The most recent stories saw Michael win immunity for his crimes and allowing him to settle down with Sara and his young son, but as we know, the peace won’t last for long. As we expect Michael to go back t his dangerous old life, which prepares him for another action-packed season, with new enemies and old ones too.

With no Miller, the cast will continue with Dominic Purcell. There is less clarity on who will return from the supporting cast but has evolved back them. Lucifer star Inbar Lavi could reprise her role as Sheba, and we can expect more from Robert Knepper and  Amaury Nolasco.