Hotstar Orignal Hundred Web Series Season 2 Announced

Hundred is basically a comedy-action web series Hundred is back with its next season. The story revolves around a hardworking ACP Saumya Shukla whose sole aim is to cleanse her infested department. Another character Netra Patil is a desk employee, who leaves her family behind to pursue her desires after she discovered that she got just 100 days to live. The two women developed a tight bond after their lives were connected by fate.

The unique chemistry between the two female leads somehow managed to impress the audiences. But the show didn’t receive a thumbs up from the critics.

Here’s everything we know about the next season.

Hundred Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Hundred was premiered on April 25, 2020, on Hotstar. It consisted of eight episodes which had a runtime of 28-30 minutes each. Considering the responses, there is a low possibility that the show will have a new season. But, Actor Makarand Deshpande revealed earlier that the makers are working on season 2. There is a little scope for the next season only if the creators managed to make a deal with the network. ‘Hundred’ season 2 is likely to be released sometime around April 25, 2021, on Hotstar.

What’s the Show About?

The last season completely revolved around a frustrated cop Saumya who desires for her recognition and respect from her superiors for her true determination towards her job.  She has the same work as her husband, her married life is filled with jealousy from her husband’s side.

Saumya spends most of her time with her toy boy Maddy when she’s off duty. One night on a cop duty, Saumya’s trips upon Netra, a  departmental employee who is ill and has only 100 days left to live. Saumya cheers her to live the remaining days of her life to the fullest, and as the relationship between the two develops, she hires Netra as her police informant.

In the final episode, Netra addresses her feelings for the kind-hearted racketeer Shantanu. She gets trapped between a hard place and a rock when her husband Pravin approaches her about Maddy.

Season 2 focuses on Saumya and Netra’s new tenure of life. They are free from the holds of her husband, Saumya may lead her life according to her own terms, ongoing her struggles to achieve equality for women in the police department. While, Netra might have a whole new perception towards her remaining life, which empowers her to follow her heart and settle with Shantanu.

Who will be in Cast

Almost all the cast from season 1 might repeat their roles in the upcoming season. Lara Dutta may return to her role as the Assistant Commissioner of Police Saumya Shukla. Rinku Rajguru will reprise as civil servant Netra Patil. Karan Wahi might return to play the role of an aspiring rapper Manmohan ‘Maddy’ Dahiya. The other cast members include:

  • Suyash Zunjurke as Aniket Naik
  • Parmeet Sethi as DCP Anshuman Goswami
  • Sudhanshu Pandey as DCP of the anti-narcotics wing
  • Rajeev Siddhartha as Shantanu
  • Makarand Deshpande as a racketeer.   

The web series features  Rinku Rajguru and Lara Dutta in its lead roles. The trailer a mixture of comedy and action through a lot of chaos. The two leading roles get to fulfill their goals as Saumya hires Netra as an undercover agent and she gets to take part in all sorts of adventures.

Stay tuned for any other details about the next season.