Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore Age, Works, Achievements and All You Must Know

Alfred Thomas Highmore, popularly known as Freddie Highmore, is an English actor who started his career with one of the comedy films, named Women Talking Dirty, in the year 1999. The actor was born on 14th February in the year 1992 in London, England. According to this, the actor is 28 years old now. As a part of his early life, he went to a primary school located in the Hampstead Garden Suburb that is near Golders Green in the London Borough of Barnet.

Undoubtedly, after completing his primary school, he had gained a scholarship for attending the independent Highgate School. This was followed by his admission at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Here, the actor had learned the languages of Arabic and Spanish. However, Highmore’s mother that is Sue Latimer, is a talent agent and her client’s big actors like Imelda Staunton and Daniel Radcliffe. Highmore’s father, Edward Highmore, is a well known former actor. Also, he has a brother, Bertie, who is younger than him.

Highmore’s career

Highmore was seen in the role of Norman Bates is one of a series which was a drama-thriller named Bates Motel. This season was aired from the year 2013 to the year 2017. This series had made Highmore get nominated for the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Actor in Drama Series thrice and also made him win the People’s Choice Award. After the completion of Bates Motel in the year 2017, he produced and starred in the role of Shaun Murphy in a drama series of ABC, which was named ‘The Good Doctor.’ Now, this has been quite a famous series and has made Highmore win the Award of Golden Globe for the Best Actor.

His previous works

To look back at his old works, Highmore has been known for the roles in films like Finding Neverland released in the year 2004, 2005’s film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 2007’s film of August Rush, and the film The Spiderwick Chronicles released in the year 2008. He has also won 2 consecutive awards for the Critics’ Choice Movie for the Best Young Performer. When Highmore was 7 years old, he started his career as an actor. Initially, he used to do small roles for television shows. In his first-ever film, he played the role of a son of Helena Bonham Carter.

In the year 2001, Highmore was seen in a TNT mini-series, playing the role of young King Arthur, Mists of Avalon. It was one of the take-ups on the legends of Arthurian and depicted the Camelot women as a real power behind the throne. He was also seen in one of the mini-series of BBC, named Happy Birthday Shakespeare in the year 2001. Here, he had to play the role of a young boy and dreamt about moving with his family to Stratford-upon-Avon. Alongside, Highmore acted with his family members in two different films. Undoubtedly, Bertie had played the role of his brother in the film Women Talking Dirty. Whereas, Edward, his father had played the role of his father in the television film ‘Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story’ by Hallmark Entertainment in the year 2001.

Highmore’s achievements

Eventually, at the age of 12 years, Highmore worked for an adventure family film on the big screen. The film was named Two Brothers. The director of the film was Jean-Jacques Annaud. In this film, he was a French administrator’s son who refused to believe one of his new friends is dangerous to him. Next, he played an important role in a fantasy film of Five Children, and It is the year 2004. In this year itself, Highmore had made his breakthrough performance in the role of Peter Llewelyn Davies for the film Finding Neverland. This was a semi-biographical film by Marc Forster. For this particular role of his, Highmore has received an immense amount of appreciation. The role has also made him achieve several nominations and awards.

In the year 2005, he played a major role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This film was a musical fantasy by Tim Burton. Here, Highmore was recommended for the role of Charlie Bucket by Johnny Depp. Highmore has always been impressive throughout his career. Consequently, he won the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for the Best Young Performer. Also, he has been awarded Satellite Award for Outstanding New Talent.

More of Highmore’s career

Furthermore, Highmore appeared in Ridley Scott’s A Good Year as young Max Skinner. It was a comedy-drama film. In the UK, this film got released on 27th October in the year 2006. Alongside, he also portrayed Arthur Montgomery as the protagonist. This was for an animated fantasy/live-action adventure film named Arthur and the Invisibles. This film had released on the 13th of December in the year 2006. This film had 2 sequels, first, Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard in the year 2009 and second, Arthur 3: The War of the Two Worlds, released in the year 2010. As well as that, he has even lent voice to ‘The Golden Compass,’ an adventure fantasy film, released in the year 2007. In the same year, he was even seen playing a title character in a drama film of August Rush. This film got released on 21st November widely.

An overview

Highmore also gave his voice to the Duke of Cheshire in an animated film that was adapted from The Canterville Ghost. He had even played a title character named ‘Baby Face Nelson’ in A&E drama pilot Baby Face. This film was also co-written by Highmore as well as the executive producer along with Kerry Ehrin. Alongside, he is also supposed to be the executive producer of a drama by Ehrin for NBC, which is ‘Long Distance.’

By this time we all have got to know that this 28-year-old actor, Alfred Thomas Highmore, is extremely talented. Altogether, he is dedicated and passionate about his work. He not only acted in films but also lent his voice to various video games. This is not the end for sure! We will see more of his great works soon in the future. Check out our other articles to enjoy reading!

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