COVID-19: Good news! Vaccine may be ready by December

The race to find the vaccine for coronavirus has been eminent throughout the world. Countries have been drafting out plans for the distribution of vaccines, and various vaccine trials are being conducted by different drug makers to develop a safe vaccine against the novel coronavirus. One of the most famous vaccines that have caught the eye of everyone in the Oxford vaccine. Serum Institute of India is playing an important role in the production of these vaccines.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine could be ready as early as December if clinical trials succeed. The vaccine developed at the Jenner Institute of Oxford University in the UK and licensed by AstraZeneca; a British drug-making company is currently undergoing phase 3 clinical trials worldwide. The Serum Institute of India has already produced 20 lakh vaccines for clinical trials in India. It has been currently seen as the most promising vaccine amongst the others and has been proved to be safe and effective against the virus.

Adar Poonawalla, the CEO of the Serum Institute of India, said that the first batch of 100 million vaccines should be available by the second or third quarter of 2021. This would entirely depend on the data from the UK trials. He also said that the company would seek emergency-use authorization from India’s drug regulator if the vaccine trial shows promise in the future. Poonawalla expressed some good news on the vaccine’s efficacy, as AstraZeneca announced that it produces an immune response in both younger and older adults.

India has not yet signed a deal for a coronavirus vaccine, so it is unclear when the vaccine will be available for our nation. Many leaders and chief ministers have already been promising free vaccines to their people. Many other nations, including the US, UK, EU, Australia, and Israel, have made deals to buy millions of doses of vaccines. The availability of the vaccine in India will be subject to approval by the domestic regulators and the Indian government agreeing to purchase them.

The Serum Institute of India is the world’s largest manufacturer of vaccines by volume, producing 1.5 billion vaccine doses annually, mostly for the developing and developed countries in the world.

Over 100 vaccines are now being developed in the world, with the Oxfords vaccine showing promising results for the future of our world’s economy and the pandemic. The availability of vaccines for all is one of the ways that we can put an end to this pandemic and get back to our livelihoods as they were before. This can easily be said than done as the development of a vaccine takes years, but scientists and drugmakers have been pushing the vaccine for COVID-19 out and giving much priority for it to be safe for public use.