Schitt’s Creek Season 7 Cancelled – Show Ends With 6 Seasons

The show which was created by Daniel Levy and Eugene Levy is not as mainstream as it can get but is one of the best shows one can watch for a good time and some cheering up after a long day and it will make sure that you will have a good laugh and some heartfelt moments after you are done watching it. 

Along with the amazing plot that we will be discussing later, the six seasons of pure joy and wholesomeness are all you need along with a spectacular cast staring the age-old Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy, and his son, Daniel Levy who also created the show. 

The show has seen a hit 6 seasons and is also available for you to watch on Netflix. But after the successful six seasons, fans have always wondered that will there be another season of Schitt’s Creek as the show has gathered such a lot of audience? 

Keep reading to know more about all the details of the new season. 

The plot of Schitt’s Creek

The series is about a rich family, who has gone bankrupt and had all of their things taken away from them. The only saving grace that they have left is a town which the father had bought years ago for his son as a joke. The family which has always lived in luxury decides to move into a hotel for truckers and drunk teenage kids for free, which has been allotted to them by the town mayor Roland Schitt. 

The Rose’s which have Moira Rose, Johnny Rose, Alexis Rose, and David Rose move into the motel from their luxurious life with no money to spare and have to learn how to handle their struggles and live like lower-middle-class people who try to make their ends meet at the end of the day. 

The show is created by Daniel Levy and Eugene Levy, starring both of them along with Annie Murphy as Alexis Rose, Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose, Emily Hampshire as Stevie Budd, Noah Reid as Patrick Brewer, Sarah Levy as Twyla Sands, Chris Elliott as Roland Schitt, Jennifer Robertson as Jocelyn Schitt and many more.

The cast has done an amazing job in bringing out Levy’s work and the story of the whole show. 

Schitt’s Creek Season 7 Release Date

The first season of the show was released on January 13, 2015, on CBC television and was aired through April 7, 2020, with 80 episodes in its total 6 seasons and is produced by Not A Real Company Productions and Anonymous Content.

It received great praise for its writing, humor, and acting and has also won various awards and Emmy nominations. It has also been nominated for its portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters. The final season of the show won seven major Emmy awards for its last season which has never been done by a comedy-drama series ever. 

Will there be another season of the show though? Unfortunately no, the creator of the show has said that good things come to an end, and the show had a perfect ending that we all expected and wanted which makes it another reason for it to be a must-watch show. This is unfortunate news but does not stop us from re-watching it all over again.