Earth Is Bleeding – How Can You Help Prevent Soil Erosion?

Soil Erosion is the gradual process of movement and transport of the soil’s upper layer called The Topsoil. The Earth undergoes Soil Erosion due to many reasons. Some of the reasons are particularly water, wind, and mass movement. These agents cause Soil to degrade in the long term. However, the issue was discussed at the UNCCD conference, and some guidelines were laid down. They are:

UNCCD Conference Of Parties 14 took place in India in the year 2019.UNCCD let India host the Conference as India’s 70% of the economy is still dependent on agriculture. Due to which India ranks fourth on the chart of eroded soil countries. 29% of India’s Soil is eroded. As 70 years ago, before India gained its Independence.

Britishers forced Indian farmers to grow opium, Due to which Indian soil lost its fertility. Whereas in 70 years there is no sign of improvement in the soil fertility. On the other hand, Indian farmers are using an excessive amount of fertilizers and pesticides, due to which the Human Health Index is very low for Indian citizens.

Mumma Earth Is Bleeding: How Can You Help Prevent Soil Erosion?
India is facing a Health Crisis other than the COVID19 pandemic. As people of Andhra Pradesh, an Indian state, were suffering from a mysterious disease. The cause of the illness was an excessive amount of Led and Nickel in the body. Also, studies have proved that an excessive amount of metallic substances in the body is due to pesticides. Unfortunately, nine people died out of the illness.

Some cases of a mysterious Fungal Infection was evident in Gujrat, another Indian state. It is suspected the cause of illness are some chemicals used so premature growth of the fruits. Unfortunately, Four people died out of the illness.


India had to face a lot of criticism on an International platform for inadequate health care facilities and food adulteration. In contrast, the Indian government has come up with a solution policy: The government of India has deployed an FSAAI committee to check Food Adulteration. In contrast, the committee cannot function properly due to the farmers’ ongoing protest against farmers’ bills.

Contour tillage:

In this technique, the fields are plowed along the contours and not along the hill slope. This type of plantation is advantageous as it leads to the formation of ridges and furrows against the direction of flow and decreases water velocity. This type of farming is also profitable as it increases the infiltration of water in the soil, and the plants, thus, absorb more water.

Mumma Earth Is Bleeding: How Can You Help Prevent Soil Erosion?

Strip cropping:

Where some trees can stay parallel to each other, at the same time, some can be planted in a way that they act as windbreakers. After the harvest, it is advisable to cover the field with dry leaves or flowers so that wind can’t erode the soil. Farmers should follow different cropping patterns to improve the quality of the soil.

The Indian government has also planned to dump the eroded soil in the seas and oceans, whereas the plan backfired as marine life started to degrade. So, far all the policies implemented by our Government don’t seem to be working due to internal conflicts or due to poor implementation. But, it’s not the time to play this blame game. It’s high time to protect our Earth because adulteration and pollution have reached places where sunlight cannot be reachable.

Our Mumma earth is bleeding, so let’s not fight for who did this to her and start working on how to heal her. Are you willing to heal her, are you?