Rajasthan In Trap Of Bird Flu: Find Out What Happened?

The Rajasthan State of India is facing an animal health crisis, meanwhile combating COVID19.

More than 300 birds lost their lives in the Bird Flu. Crows are dying because of the Bird Flu in the Jhalawar area of Rajasthan.  The news included reporting more instances of mysterious deaths of crows, including other birds in other parts of the state. Also, the wildlife department of Rajasthan has sounded a Bird flu alert.

Rajasthan In Trap Of Bird Flu: Find Out What Happened?

Bird flu was the cause of death of approximately fifty crows in Jhalawar. And now, nearly three hundred crows have lost their lives in different parts of the state; Including Jodhpur, Kota Baran, and other districts. Further, the mortality rate is constantly increasing as 100 birds, including 50 peacocks, have fallen into demise in the Nagaur district, while 60 hens are dead in the Panwar area of Jhalawar.

Specimens of the stagnant birds have been sent to veterinary laboratories to establish the cause of death. The Wildlife Department is viewing this matter earnestly, and the Chief Wildlife officer of Rajasthan has declared a bird flu alert in the state.

Mohanlal Meena, The Chief Wildlife Officer, Rajasthan, said in one of his interviews that; After the Bird Flu in Jhalawar and reports of crows’ death in other parts of the state. The Wildlife Department has instructed all the wildlife officials to inspect all the state’s wetlands since a large number of migratory birds are here due to the winter season.

He added to his statement that Bird Flu reports are being issued. Asking the Wildlife Department to keep a tab on birds’ deaths, And collect samples of the dead birds before properly disposing of their carcasses. He said that since the bird flu is contagious for humans, the officers have to monitor all the tiger reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, and territorial forests.

Threat To Jaipur

The fear of  Bird flu continues to grow in Rajasthan, with the deaths of seven more crows reported on 3rd January 2021 at Jal Mahal in Jaipur. Taking the toll to 252. The Animal Husbandry Department has sent units to districts and set up a state-level control room to monitor the situation.

The first-ever incident of bird flu in Rajasthan is a serious concern for the Government and the people. As they are already grappling with Covid-19. The bird flu that is Avian Influenza caused by the Virus H5N1 is contagious and fatal.

Rajasthan In Trap Of Bird Flu: Find Out What Happened?

In March 2020, the country lost a dozen of crows due to Bird Flu that  was evident in various parts of Bihar; Which sparked concern among the residents amid the coronavirus pandemic outbreak. In 2006, the death of chickens was due to this flu as reported by Maharashtra.
Principal Secretary of Animal Husbandry said that most of the birds are losing their lives due to this virus.

The majority of cases are from Kota and Jodhpur division. The Flu is dangerous, and guidelines should be followed. All the field officers and others have to be vigilant. Poultry farm owners have to be more vigilant and monitor all sites carefully, especially at the Kaila Devi Bird Sanctuary, wetlands, and Sambhar Lake.

The death of 100 crows is reported from Jhalawar, 72 from Baran,19 in Pali, 47 from Kota, and seven from Jodhpur and Jaipur.
Somewhere on the other, there is a risk to human life because we don’t respect life. We feast on others’ life and then call ourselves the model of humanity.