Baba from Baba Ka Dhaba alleges he was scammed by the blogger who helped him

Everybody longs for their 20 seconds of fame with their social media, and so did it happen for an elderly couple who ran an eatery in Malviya Nagar, and soon the whole country came to know the name Baba Ka Dhaba. The video showcases the 80-year-old Kanta Prasad, who runs an eatery with his wife, talking about the lack of customers and the waste of good food.

This video, which was shot by Vlogger Gaurav Wasan, was widely spread across social media and was shared by content creators, influencers, and even celebrities. Even though the fame of ‘Baba’ Kanta Prasad lasted less than 20 days, money was raised for him with the help of Gaurav Wasan.

baba ka dhaba
Rise and Fame of Baba ka Dhaba

A new allegation has been raised against Wasan himself when Kanta Prasad decided to file a complaint against him for misappropriating money that was raised in the campaign to help him and his wife. Baba alleges that Wasan swindled him.

The YouTuber Wasan who made Baba famous overnight, denies all of the claims and allegations and said he transferred all of the money. He also shared three receipts of the transactions, dated October 27- were two cheques of 1,00,000 INR and 2,33,000 INR and a bank receipt of 45,000. He also claims that some of it were his own money. Wasan mentions that he gave Kanta Prasad 3.78 lakh rupees from the 4.44 lakh that was contributed.

Wasan also mentioned that when he went to the bank on October 8 to deposit on behalf of Kanta Prasad, he was told that the account had been sealed because 20 lakhs had already been deposited, which then made Wasan make a public appeal to stop donating to Baba Ka Dhaba as it has received enough assistance financially.


So far, only a complaint has been registered on behalf of Kanta Prasad, and an FIR has not been filed yet.

This led to the fame and rise of customers for Baba; some came to genuinely enjoy the food, while others came for social media clout. The news of this spread as fast as it could and was unexpected on both the ends of Baba and the blogger who helped them. Lines and lines of people, celebrities, and MLAs visiting him, Zomato, and other companies sponsoring and helping out Baba was overwhelming for the old couple, who have been in this business for over 30 years. This also led out to several opinions of people saying that we need to support other street vendors and eateries like Baba Ka Dhaba and shine a light on them as it is very important to buy local and support local businesses.

Like Baba Ka Dhaba, another famous eatery or Dhaba run by a 90-year-old in Agra went famous. We could say that the power of social media is a boon and a bane, as these people are more susceptible to their five minutes of fame and are in danger of many just using them. Whether to make someone famous or not, food bloggers in India have been going around the streets of their cities praising their local street food vendors and posting videos of them. All we can do right now is support them.