India Vs. China: Chinese Spies Caught In Afghanistan

Afghanistan Let 10 Chinese Spies Go, And Both The Countries Expect The World To Believe That Nothing Fishy Is Going On Between Them?

Our beloved neighbor China is always up to something destructive that leads The Country into an International embarrassment. For example, in the COVID19 pandemic, the contagious virus was first discovered in Wuhan, a city in China. From Wuhan, the virus was spread worldwide. China faced Global criticism; However, in the year 2020, only China’s economy was at boom. At the same time, the world economy dropped by 18%.

Many studies suggest that the coronavirus’s spreading might be a deliberate act to affect the world economy. So, China can emerge as the world’s robust economy. It is evident from China’s growth rate that the country will take over U.S.A’s economy within four to five years.

India Vs. China: Chinese Spies Caught In Afghanistan- Find Out What Happened?


China is allying by investing in economically developing countries. For example, China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a combination of foundation projects under development throughout Pakistan since 2013. Originally valued at $47 Billion, the value of CPEC projects is worth $62 Billion as of 2020. Everyone knows that China is using Pakistan as a military base in the name of the Economic Corridor.

China is also allying with Sri Lanka by making investments in the country. A summary of Port City Colombo is seen from above in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and the Chinese Government funds the project.

China’s funding is also evident across major foundation and power projects of Nepal. Projects include the West Seti Dam, the Pokhara Airport, and the Upper Trishuli hydropower plant project. In return, Nepal has agreed to extend its service to the Silk Road Economic Belt, which is part of China’s grand One Belt One Road drive.

Afghanistan With The Dragon

However, recently, Afghanistan seems to become friends with this wicked dragon as ten Chinese spies were caught in the country. But they let them leave the country without any punishment or disgrace. At the same time, Afghanistan is a country that practices public executions as a punishment for local crimes.

Meanwhile, they let 10 Chinese spies go, and Both the countries expect the world to believe that nothing fishy is going on between them?
This is the confidence that makes China the Strongest economy; This is the key to success in world politics: A delusional Confidence.

Afghanistan let off the 10 Chinese nationals arrested on 10 December 2020 for running a terror cell in Kabul’s capital city and permitted them to leave the country. People familiar with the matter said that The 10 members of the module were rushed out of the country in a Chinese government plane.

India Vs. China: Chinese Spies Caught In Afghanistan- Find Out What Happened?

However, in Kabul, diplomats and security officials confirmed that the 10 members boarded a chartered aircraft that flew them out of the country. All the members left the country after 23 days of their detention. The Prime Minister of the country strictly ordered not the hurt them.

Dragon Can’t Be Tamed.

Afghanistan’s First Vice President made a statement that No foreign citizen was arrested in an effort service in the Khairkhaneh area. The arrested are the Palmas that is under the scope. A number of them were under custody for mistrust, including thefts and assassinations. He said that there is no threat to national security.

Chinese foreign ministry gave no statement or justification on the espionage module busted in Kabul. China is trying to turn our neighboring countries against us by choking their opinions with big fat Dragon money as China has lost all its credibility on International Platforms.

The United Kingdom has banned China from many business platforms, as no one can predict China’s political behavior.

It is evident from the country’s action that Dragon Is Friend To None.