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Arnab Goswami Arrested and Detained in link to 2018 Suicide Case – Mumbai Police

After famous journalist Arnab raised his voice against CM on various occasion, today he was dragged out brutally from his own house by Mumbai Police for 2018 suicide case. Shiv-Sena denies any involvement.

The Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of Republic TV and one of India’s famous TV journalists, Arnab Goswami was arrested today in his Mumbai residence. The journalist was allegedly assaulted and dragged by the police when he was arrested for allegedly playing a role in the death of an interior designer.

Anvay Naik was an interior designer who took his life in Alibaug 2018. The architect-designed the studio of now, Republic TV along with his mother Kumud Naik were found dead in May 2019, in Maharastra. In his suicide letter, Naik had claimed that Arnab along with two others owed him a sum of INR 5.4 crore. Naik’s wife has also accused Goswami of not paying his fee and has been campaigning on social media for the case to be investigated.

The suicide note was not written in English and that Naik and his mother had to take this extreme step because of the payments due to them by three companies including Arnab Goswami of Republic TV, Feroz Shaikh of IcastX/Skimedia, and Niteish Sarda of Smartworks who owned Naik’s company money.

The Home Minister of Maharashtra had recently ordered a special team to probe into this case which has reopened after two years. Raigad police detained him in connection with abetment but have not confirmed the arrest yet. The Raigad police said that Arnab will be questioned and interrogated by the investigating officer and action will be taken accordingly. Goswami said that he was assaulted and brutally handled by the cops and a visual was shown on the Republic TV of Goswami being forced into the police van.

Over a dozen offers had reached the residence of Goswami, without summons, documents, or court papers and sealed the entry and exit points of Arnab’s residence blocking the entry of Niranjan Narayanswami and Sanjay Pathak from entering his residence. There were a large number of policemen assaulting and showing physical force on the journalist.

Republic TV has denied the allegations against Arnab and claimed that some groups are running false and malicious claims against them, making false statements against the channel. After the video of Arnab being brutally removed from his household and led into the police van, several news journalists, editors, ministers have raised their voice against brutality towards journalists.

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source: ANI

The ruling party, Shiv Sena denied that the arrest was vindictive in nature and said that the law is followed in the state, and the police are allowed to take action if they have any evidence against a person. The BJP party alleged ‘fascism’ by the Shiv-Sena led coalition and some even termed it as shades of emergency and an attack on the freedom of the press.

The Home Minister Amit Shah condemned the attack and called it a ‘misuse of power’ he said it was targeted at the fourth pillar of democracy, which is press freedom. The Editor’s Guild of India and condemned the arrest of Goswami and expressed shock towards the incident, which they found extremely distressing.

This wouldn’t be the first instance of Shiv-Sena or Mumbai police pulling a vindictive move and covering it as legitimate action. A few months back Kangana Raut’s house was demolished on charges of illegal construction. This happened just after the actress raised her voice against the regional party. Mumbai has millions or illegal construction and settlements which were ignored and action was taken only against the actress. Prior to this 8-10 Shiv-Sena workers also attacked a retired 65-year old naval officer Madan Sharma outside his society premises. Later 6 men including  Kamlesh Kadam and Sanjay Manjre who are Shakha Pramukhs of ShivSena were arrested. These men are out on bail and no strict action has been taken against them.  Madan Sharma received a cartoon of the Honorable CM of Maharashtra which he forwarded in his social group. This small action resulted in trashing on 65-year old Naval officer.