MP bans the firecrackers

Madhya Pradesh: Shivraj Singh Chouhan Bans the Sale of Crackers in the State

As Diwali is around the corner and preparations are in full swing, to boycott the sale and use of crackers, Shivraj Singh Chouhan regulated an order concerning its ban in the state. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Wednesday announced the prohibition on the sale of Chinese firecrackers in the state. He further stated, if anyone attempts to violate the order, intentionally or unintentionally will be considered guilty.  He further said, “Selling crackers in the state or using the ban crackers is strictly prohibited. If anyone is found to be a participant, disciplinary action will be taken against the accused under Section 9-B (1) of the Explosives Act.”

The State Minister organized a meeting regarding the execution of law and order in the state since the festive season has started. Stringent actions will be taken under the Explosives Act as Mr Chauhan.  stated. As soon as the meeting ended, the Home department of the state announced the ban on Chinese firecrackers. Additionally, the imprinted boxes highlighting the pictures of Gods and Goddess will also be banned. Commenting upon the ban, The Director-General, Foreign Trade (DGFT) has informed that no license has been given issued for the distribution of Chinese crackers which will make the sale and use of crackers illegal.

The storage, distribution, sale and use of Chinese firecrackers will be restricted in the area. However, the government has requested its officials to remain alert regarding the surroundings. Due to the increased air pollution, the nation is concerned regarding the poor state of the air. Eventually, at the time of Diwali, the presence of the sun remains almost invisible. To reduce the smoke and control the spread of the virus, it will be safe to stay indoors.

As the worldwide pandemic has taken a toll on our lives and small businesses have been closed, the source of income for many has been shattered. Gradually, because of the seven months lockdown, many people lost their jobs while others are working way below the minimum. To keep the household running, many people opened their food stalls and sold other materials. In order to encourage small businesses, the state minister has asked to buy materials from the locals. The Chief Minister has appealed the state citizens to buy earthen lamps (Diyas) from the local vendors rather than buying online or from established big shops. The Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan has asked to buy Indian items for the festival and shun any foreign item.

However, while highlighting other common issues such as teasing of women, jihad and other sought of activities that shake the nature of law, will not be functioning in the state. Mr Chouhan stated that love jihad and conversion of religion for the sake of marriage will not be entertained. Chouhan stated that the chit fund businesses should not be encouraged. While keeping the death records in check due to the consumption of liquor, Chouhan asked to launch a campaign for spreading awareness in the state regarding its ill effects. Further, he has asked to work against the sale of illicit liquor that has been regulating in the premises.