What Happened To Srimathi?

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What Happened To Srimathi

Here, we shall discuss what happened to Srimathi. If you are unaware, Srimathi is a 17-year-old girl from Periyanesalur village in the Cuddalore district. It’s been a week since she made several headlines with the unexpected news of her death. Her dead body has been found on the premises of Sakthi School, Kallakurichi hostel. She used to live in Periya Nesalur village. The local people and also her family members have been protesting since then. Several actors, including Priya Bhavani Shankar, have demanded justice for Srimathi on Twitter. Lately, people have been curious to know what happened to Srimathi. Let’s find out.

What Happened To Srimathi?

Srimathi, reading in Class 12, had committed suicide. The incident occurred last Tuesday, and she had left a note where she accused the school teachers, more precisely, a couple of them, of torturing her.

On the following day of the incident, Srimathi’s guardians and relatives jammed the Kallakurichi-Salem highway to demand justice. The watchman found her dead body in the dormitory. She was immediately taken to the Kallakurichi Government Hospital, where she was declared dead. In the note, Srimathi mentioned that the teachers abused and forced her and some other classmates to study continuously. Those teachers were called to the police station for investigation purposes. However, they denied the allegations and shared that they just ad iced them to study more and work harder. How ridiculous it is!

Srimathi took a drastic measure, and it cost her family badly. Her mother also questioned the school administration about why the school’s CCTV footage wasn’t shown clearly. When the postmortem reports came out, they clearly stated that Srimathi had injuries on her body.

Teachers are our second parents. That’s what we believe. It feels bad to witness such cases where the students take drastic life-threatening steps under the pressure of such wicked teachers. May Srimathi’s soul rests in peace. Sending condolences to her family and close ones.


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