Solo Levelling Illustrator Is No More

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Various reports from South Korea have confirmed that one of their best artists has recently passed away. Jang Sung-Rak, the artist behind the famous Korean webtoon Solo Leveling, took his last breaths not long ago. He was also the CEO of Redice Studio, a Korean art studio that makes highly creative webtoon adaptions of popular Korean novels. Those who are unaware of w at webtoons are merely animated cartoons or series in the form of a comic published online. Apart from making their original adaptions, the company also promotes the work of various underrated artists and companies.


People, especially webtoon enthusiasts, were extremely shocked to know about the recent passing of the company’s founder and the talented illustrator. The news was announced by the official Twitter account of Redice Studio, confirming that Jang Sung, also known as Dubu, passed on July 23, 2022. The company further revealed that the funeral was a private activity with only friends and family members attending it. This was the wish of late Dubu’s parents.

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What was the reason behind the artist’s passing?

Dubu had been struggling with unnamed health conditions for quite a while, which led to him forming a cerebral hemorrhage. This is a health condition in which bleeding between the brain tissue and skull is experienced. Due to this, he suffered from internal bleeding inside the brain after a blood vessel may have ruptured. This condition is majorly born because of past trauma or/and high blood pressure. No further details about the artist’s passing were revealed.

Fans were sad to learn that such a big name in the industry died at just 40. They have been mourning over the loss of a legend in the world of webtoons and manga. The entire industry is short of words over the loss of the renowned illustrator.

Solo Leveling

What is Solo Levelling’s future now?

The artist started his career by drawing and illustrating for countries like Japan, South Korea, etc. Some of his lesser-known works include The Island of Giant Insects,  Space Dandy,  and Beautiful Legends. What makes them even better is that Dubu didn’t just draw for them. He was also the author. All of his artworks were published with the name of his company, Redice Studio. But initially, they did not receive as much appreciation that they should have.

After a lot of hard work and patience, Dubu finally rose to fame in 2018, when he began creating webtoons of Solo Levelling. Solo Levelling is her best and most popular work of Dubu. It has over 1 million views, and the English version has over 9 million views. This shows that his work is famous on a global scale and is liked by people all around the world.

Solo Levelling has now become a last-parting gift for his fans, but how will it perform in the future without him? Redice Studio has refrained from commenting on how the webtoon will perform without the talented illustrator.


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