7.7 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Pakistan, India, China & Neighboring Countries

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A powerful earthquake was felt at 10:17 PM local time in Pakistan. The earthquake was also felt in India’s capital New Delhi and other states. Neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and China are also reporting earthquake.

At least 12 people were reportedly killed in a strong earthquake that hit India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and a number of neighboring countries on Tuesday evening, including China.

According to some reports, it had a magnitude of 7.7 with the epicenter of the quake located 55 miles from Afghanistan’s Kalagan district in the northern part of Kabul Province.

However, the U.S. Geological Survey said that the earthquake of 6.5-magnitude rocked Afghanistan and Pakistan. It added that the epicenter was 25 miles south-southeast of the Afghan town of Jurm, near the borders with Pakistan and Tajikistan. It struck at a depth of more than 185 miles, USGS said

“People ran out of their houses and were reciting the Koran,” an AFP correspondent in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi said.

People are sharing similar reports on social media coming from Afghanistan. Tremors were also felt in India’s Delhi and Uzbekistan’s Tashkent.


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