Rick Ross Net Worth: Everything you need to know about The(Da)Boss

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Rick Ross
Rick Ross (credits: EduVat)

Rick Ross, also known as Da Boss, Rolling Stone, ETC. Wanted to know his net worth, then just scroll down

Who is Rick Ross:

He is the most famous American Rapper. His full name is William Leonard Roberts II. He was born on January 28, 1976. He is 47 years old.  He was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi. An African American.

Personal Life and Family:

He studied at Miami Carol City Senior High School. He played football in high school, which got him into Albany State University on a scholarship. He didn’t complete his degree at Albany. After leaving school, Ross joined law enforcement, serving as a correctional officer from 1995 to 1997. Roberts started working as a correctional officer.

William Leonard Roberts 1 was his father. He was a businessman; he was also involved in Drug trafficking and sent to prison. Tommie Roberts, his mother, worked as a nurse. Rick Ross has several siblings, including four sisters and a brother.

Rick Ross With his family(credits: the Jasmine brand)

Rick Ross is a father of three children, Toie Roberts, William Roberts III, and Billion Leonard Roberts. He is also in a long-term relationship with fitness model Briana Camille. Rick Ross’s family life has been a significant influence on his music, and he often raps about his children and relationships.


In 2000, Ross Appears On an Eric Clapton Album; Rick Ross appeared on a song under his former stage name, Teflon Da Don. In 2006, He Drops his First Album; after releasing his successful first single, Ross dropped “Port of Miami,” his first album in the same year.

In 2009, Ross Drops his Third Album, Hailed by “The New York Times,” as ‘unexpectedly fantastic,’ Ross’s third album, “Deeper Than Rap,” cements his place as a successful rapper. He Launches his Own Music Label, Ross launches, Maybach Music Group.

Rick Ross( credits: National today)

Net worth:

As of 2023, the Net worth of Rick Ross is estimated at $60 million.  He has multiple income streams. His investments give him $10 million, his real estate business gives him $5 million, and his mainstream is music and rapping.


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