Vikas Malu: Everything About The Kuber Group’s Chief Managing Director

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vikas malu net worth
Vikas Malu (CMD) of the Kuber Group

Currently, the Kuber Group’s Chief Managing Director (CMD) is Vikas Malu. He is a powerful business magnate known for his passion for luxurious cars.

He was the subject of an interview discussing establishing his brand in the luxury sector. He came into power in 1993. His father, Mul Chand Malu, established the corporation in 1985 and initially focused on selling tobacco products.

On the website of the Kuber Group, Malu is credited with enabling the organization to operate in more than 45 industries and have a presence in over 50 countries.

Vikas Malu net worth
Kuber Group director Vikas Malu

The Gurugram Police handed a notice to Kuber Group Chief Managing Director (CMD) Vikas Malu on Sunday, 27 August, asking him to cooperate in the inquiry into the accident that occurred last week along the Delhi-Mumbai-Baroda Motorway and resulted in the deaths of two people.

The industrialist was one of the three passengers in a Rolls-Royce Phantom when it crashed violently into a petroleum tanker. Malu is currently undergoing medical care at a hospital in Gurugram after suffering injuries during the vehicle incident. Reviews indicate that the Rolls Royce was driven at 200 km/h.

Vikas Malu with his children
Vikas Malu with his children

Vikas Malu’s Personal Life

On social media sites, he is very active. According to HT, Vikas Malu has been photographed with famous people like Salman Khan and Ranveer Singh.

vikas malu with Satish Kaushik
Vikas Malu with Satish Kaushik

Saanvi Malu, Vikas Malu’s second wife, recently accused him of killing actor Satish Kaushik, which made news. About this, she has also written to the commissioner of the Delhi Police.

When Kaushik passed away on March 9 while heading to the hospital after feeling unwell, he attended a Holi party at Vikas Malu’s home near Delhi.

Aside from this most recent controversy, Saanvi Malu is referred to as a lifestyle influencer who is becoming more well-known among celebrities.

Net Worth Of Vikas Malu

Vikas Malu consistently has a high net worth. His estimated net worth is 500 crore rupees.
Regarding the accident, his advocate remarked, “The car was not speeding; the speed limit on the expressway is 120km per hour. We have examined the CCTV footage, and my client’s car was in their lane.

Suddenly, the oil tanker driver turned left without switching on his indicator to make an unauthorized U-turn. The car was going above 100 km per hour, and the driver could not apply the brakes on time and rammed the truck. The truck driver was completely at fault.”

Vikas Malu net worth
Via timesofindia

Despite having a successful commercial career, little is known about Vikas Malu’s personal life or early career. But when he took over as the director of Kuber Group, it is known that he did it simply by pursuing his father’s footsteps. This incident has shocked everyone, and the truck driver is severely injured too.

Vikas Malu’s treatment is in the process while his family awaits his healthy recovery. Netizens also pray for their well-being, hoping the utmost justice will be provided in this case.


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