Office U.K V/s Office U.S.A. – Which is Better

The Office U.K. is a British Company mockumentary sitcom comedy T.V.Show. The show remarked sitcom’s first broadcast on the BBC. It was one of the original plots from the U.K. that turned into an American T.V. show named “The Office.” The USA. However, The office U.K. only had two seasons with six episodes each; Whereas the U.S. series had nine seasons, which sums up to be two thousand episodes. 

Office U.K. VS. Office U.S.A

The plot of both the series is based on a group of typical employees; Whereas the employees serve every purpose besides their job. The workday includes ego clashes, unprofessional behavior, and several hilarious pranks; however, the two shows protagonist is the manager, who tries to keep his staff motivated and determined to work.

Office vs. Office

Although both of the shows are unique in their way, we can’t resist comparing both the series as the pair includes the same plot and the same character plot. So, here we go with a cut-throat competition between “The Office U.K.” and “The Office USA.” 


The U.K. series possessed the original copyright for the show;

Whereas The office the U.K. released the initial season in 2001; However the concluded the final season in 2003.

Although the U.K. held the original copyright still, they couldn’t release more than two seasons. In contrast, the U.S. series released the initial season in 2005 and concluded the final season in 2013.

As the U.K. series were the abstraction creator, they could have added further to the concept; As the U.S. did, they added more value to the plot and finished nine seasons with 201 episodes.


Both of the series are well-known for their gages, where the U.K. series includes jello cake gages pranks, funny shake legs. In contrast, the U.S. series improvised the abstraction by adding a prank war between Jim and Dwight; Including the stapler meatball gages, the vending machine gages, and many more.


Both of the series is a single protagonist show that is the manager;

In the U.K. series David Brent is the manager of the Wernham Hogg paper merchants, including three or four supporting casts;

 However, the character is projected as a narcist but funny while he is talented in philosophy, music, and comedy. Also, he is pretty toxic. He is clueless regarding his awkwardness.

 Brent lacks empathy, has a thirst for gratification, and a ridiculous way of trying to save face is the show’s comical driving force; The character is often called vulgar and is checked on his inappropriate gestures.

On the contrary, in the USA series, Michal Scoot is the manager of the Wareham Hogg paper merchants, including an enormous number of supporting cast;

 It is often said quality over quantity; Whereas, this series contains both.  

Michal Scoot is projected as a jolly person who likes to joke around. Although he holds a good reputation, the character is celebrated for his awkwardness, emotionally funny gestures, and punch lines. “that’s what Michal said.”

4.The office couples

Both of the series include one couple, whose chemistry is quite vague in both of the series.

In the U.K. series, the office couples were Jim and dawn; They shared cute on-screen chemistry, including secretly stalking each other, experiencing jealousy, etc.

 The U.K. series concluded their love story in a funny, happily ever after way. Whereas in the USA series, the office couple was Jim and Pam.

Although they married each other, a series of romantic confessions to their love; Whereas couples lose their ability to make the views laugh.


Both of the series is a single protagonist show that is the manager. Whereas in the U.K. series, the is David Brent, who considers himself as a Ranassens man.

However, he is talented in philosophy, music, and comedy; He thinks that he has a great sense of popular humor, whereas everybody sees him as a narcissistic, selfish man.

At times his action seems to be vulgar and offensive. On the contrary, Michal Scoot is the USA series protagonist, who considers himself friendly and supportive but turns out to be immature and unprofessional.

 He enjoys the prank war instead of asking his employees to maintain decorum.

He pranks his employees by pretending that they are terminated, and then waves of laughter.

Office U.K. Vs Office U.S.A
The Office USA

6.Final episode

The final episode of both shows was very emotional.

The U.K. series was concluded with a Christmas party where Brent losses his job and explore his new opportunities.

Whereas Jim and Dawn couple of the office confess to each other in the last episode; Also, the show ended with a vague conclusion.

We can say the USA series was well concluded;

 It gave a proper conclusion to every character, which offers an appropriate closure to the viewers. The show ended with a wedding on an emotional note. 

Where Michael surprises everyone with his unexpected visit, the show marks its ending with a monologue given by Michael, where he sums up in tears by saying, “his kids grew up, and they got married.” It also features Michael hanging a framed picture of the office building as a symbol of good fate; Meanwhile, he was getting nostalgic and emotional.

The office employees considered each other as an office family. The show witnessed a poignant end; Whereas the show was an extreme hit, and in 2013 the show marked a beautiful ending to an extremely graceful saga.

The End

In brief, the creator of both shows was Rickey Gervais. He is a fantastic creator who carved out two different characters and concepts from the same plot.

Although we can conclude The Office USA is better than The Office U.K. As it included smart humor with a touch of simplicity to which viewers can relate; It offered an apt ending to every character’s character.

The story was versatile and was not only centered around the protagonist. Views love such shows to relax and escape reality. One out of ten psychologists suggests their patients watch such comedy shows, which might help them heal.

Both the shows have been a fantastic saga of comedy, which we all have binge-watched.