Top 10 Must Watch Movies for Christmas

Christmas is a time of joy and to cherish all the good in oneself. The season brings happiness and excitement to children because of the Santa who brings gifts for them on this day. So we have a list of 10 beautiful holiday movies that you can enjoy with your family this Christmas.


1.The Princess Switch and The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again

Vanessa Hudgens made her Netflix Christmas debut with The Princess Switch in 2018, which started streaming with giant’s raid Hallmark holiday fare that might mark a replacement era for the star. Hudgens plays a double role one as a princess and another role of a traditional Chicago baker who’d given level of love. The film showed within the Netflix Original Christmas Movie, during which Hudgens met a Christmas knight and also returned for a sequel. The Princess Switch: Switched Again is a Christmas romantic comedy film of 2020 that was directed by Mike Rohl.

It is a sequel to The Princess Switch, which stars Vanessa Hudgens and others. The film follows Margaret Delacourt, who is the Duchess of Montenaro, suddenly inherits the throne in her home country of Montenaro. She and Stacy switch places once again before her coronation so that Margaret can fix her relationship with Kevin who is Stacy’s friend. Margaret’s evil cousin named Lady Fiona disguises herself as Margaret during a plan to steal the throne.

2. A Christmas Prince

A Christmas Prince is a 2017 romantic comedy. It was directed by Alex Zamm and written by Karen Schaler and Nathan Atkins. The film includes Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Tom Knight, Sarah Douglas, and many others.

The film released on Netflix on November 17, 2017. A sequel, of the film titled A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, was also released in 2018 and again another one in 2019, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby. It was one of the first forays and it’s full-on Christmas garbage. A Christmas Prince is actually a perfect Christmas movie to watch during Christmas. There’s no plot to follow it’s just a full-on Christmas spirit, it shows the story of a journalist and a rogue prince in a country that is not even real.

3.White Reindeer

White Reindeer is a 2013 dark comedy. It was written and directed by Zach Clark.
The film stars Anna Margaret Hollyman who plays the role of a real estate agent who is dealing with the death of her husband. Laura Lemar-Goldsborough, Joe Swanberg, and others can be seen in the film. Suzanne’s world turned upside-down when her husband Jeff dies unexpectedly just before Christmas.

But things are thrown into upheaval when she discovers that he was having an extra affair with a stripper. She finds an unlikely friend (bad influence), turning this indie feature into a sweet and raunchy sex comedy.

4.The Night Before

The Night Before is a 2015 comedy stoner film. It was directed by Jonathan Levine. The film includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, and Anthony Mackie as three childhood friends who reunite together on Christmas Eve annually in search of the best party in New York City. The Night Before is messy in a way.

It is also the stoner-Christmas movie which is worth putting on a watchlist. It’s a perfect story for those who just refuse to grow up and have time come and kick their ass to remind them that they’re not kids anymore, and if they were, Santa would be absolutely not stopping in front of their houses.

5.Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas is a comedy-drama film produced and directed by Joe Swanberg. It includes Swanberg, Anna Kendrick, and many others. The film was premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival. Jenny (Anna Kendrick) is an irresponsible girl who arrives in Chicago and decided to live with her older brother Jeff (Joe Swanberg), who is a young filmmaker living happily with his wife Kelly (Melanie Lynskey) and had a two-year-old son. The arrival of Jenny shakes up their domesticity as she and Jenny’s friend from high school Carson (Lena Dunham) starts an evolution in Kelly’s life as well as her career.

6.The Holiday

The Holiday is a 2006 romantic comedy that is directed by Nancy Meyers. It was filmed in both California as well as England. It includes Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz as Iris and Amanda. They are two lovelorn women who are from opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. They arranged a home exchange to escape heartbreak during Christmas. Nancy Meyers is the Queen of Cozy. They both face romantic disappointments at the same time, which leads to them to swap their apartments over the holidays.

7.Happiest Season

Happiest Season is a romantic comedy that is based on a screenplay. The story follows a woman who struggles to come out to her conservative parents during the Christmas season. Abby Holland and Harper Caldwell are lesbian couples who have been dating for nearly a year now. Abby dislikes Christmas because her parents passed away, so Harper invites Abby to celebrate the holidays with her. During this time Harper reveals that she lied to Abby about coming out to her parents because she fears her father. She asks Abby to pretend that she is her straight roommate to which Abby agrees.

8.The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause is a 1994 Christmas comedy that is directed by John Pasquin. It is the first film in the series of Santa Clause film. The film includes Tim Allen as Scott Calvin. He is an ordinary man who causes a Santa Claus to fall from his roof accidentally on Christmas Eve. When he and his young son, Charlie, finished their St. Nick’s trip and deliveries, they went to the North Pole where Scott learns that he must become the new Santa and he also convinces himself that he loves everything and he is indeed a Santa Claus.

9.Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a 2005 black comedy crime both written and directed by Shane Black. Harry Lockhart wins a screen test unintentionally in Los Angeles by showing remorse in an audition for burglary that he committed in New York City, in which the casting director Dabney Shaw mistakes for the method of acting. Harry meets his childhood crush Harmony Lane at a party. Perry van Shrike is a private investigator who is hired to give Harry on-the-job instructions for his screen test. Harlan Dexter is a retired actor, and also the party host who has recently resolved bad things with his wife.

10.A Christmas Tale

Arnaud Desplechin is a French auteur who crafts a sprawling, spellbinding portrait of his family dysfunction—and also their reconciliation and the togetherness among them. It is a 2008 drama which is mainly about a clan reuniting themselves, which is not that easy, at Christmas time. They are reuniting only because their matriarch (Catherine Deneuve) is dying of the disease called leukemia.

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