Best 50 Best Detective Shows to Watch Right Now [Must Watch List]

Crime or Detective based shows or films have never been a bore. These shows created suspense and excitement among the audience. During this pandemic, many of us are at home, and we usually get bore. The avoid this boredom, people watch different shows, but detective shows are the gems. Detective shows are not based on only one story but many different types. All the stories in these shows are unique in their own way.

The number of these shows keeps on increasing every year. So here’s a freshly updated list of all-time best detective shows from which you can choose from. Hopefully, our list will help you in making the right choice for the shows.

1.High Seas(2019):

High Seas is a Spanish mystery series. It was released in May 2019. It surrounds mysterious deaths that happened on a luxurious ship that was traveling from Spain to Rio de Janeiro in the 1940s. It uncovers the secrets surrounding two sisters who were also traveling together on this ship.


This is a Netflix original series that was released in 2017.  It is based on the documents of a man’s  60-year search to identify the situations of his father’s mysterious death. In this process, he uncovers some of the United States’ darkest secrets.

3.The Witcher(2019):

The Witcher is an American drama series that is produced by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.  The story is based on the book series by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski which has the same name. The series shows a witcher named Geralt, who is a mutated monster hunter. He struggles to find his place in a world where the people often prove themselves deadlier than beasts.

4.Dirty, John(2018):

It is the story of Debra Newell, who has a perfect life from the outside. She’s a successful, beautiful woman who lives in Newport Beach. Love is the only thing that is missing from her life. Later, when she meets a handsome and charming named Dr. John Meehan, she is in a whirlwind romance. Terra and Veronic are her daughters who prove that he’s just a conman. After learning this truth, they decide to investigate.


Perfume shows a story of a half-dozen friends who are obsessed with the possibilities of smell that the death of one of them exposes some unpleasant things about their pasts. The series is based on the novel Perfume of 1985. This series brings the original story, which happened for real, into a modern context.

It is a story when a woman is found murdered with a scent extracted from her body.  A detective examines a group of friends who all attended the same boarding school as her.


Mindhunter is a drama that is based on the true-crime book Mindhunter. John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker write it. David Fincher and Charlize Theron produce it. The series was released on Netflix on October 13, 2017. In November 2017.

The series revolves around FBI agents named Holden Ford and Bill Tench, with a psychologist Wendy Carr. She is one who takes an interview with imprisoned serial killers in order to understand their thinking.


The Punisher is an American series that is created by Steve Lightfoot. The series shows the story of revenge on the people that are responsible for the deaths of his wife and children. Frank Castle uncovers a conspiracy that is deeper than New York’s criminal underworld. He must discover the truth about injustices after digging into this conspiracy.

8.Seven Seconds(2018):

Seven Seconds is an American crime series based on the Russian film named The Major. It is written and directed by Yuri Bykov. It was released on February 23, 2018, on Netflix. The series shows the people that are involved in investigating the death of a young black boy.

The story revolves around a 15-year-old black cyclist named Brenton Butler who dies in a hit-and-run accident. This drama explores the after-effect of the accident.


Marcella is a British crime detective series released in 2016. It is produced, written, and directed by Hans Rosenfeldt. It shows the story of a Former London detective named Marcella Backland, who is is devastated. Her husband leaves her and their two children for someone else. Her husband is the head of Legal Affairs at DTG Construction, controlled by the Gibson family. She is visited by a senior detective on the case of the murder squad for seeking information regarding an unsolved mystery.

The mystery is about an 11-year-old case which is of a serial killer who seems to become active again in the city. Marcella also returns to the murder squad.


The series is about the rise of a notorious drug kingpin named Pablo Escobar. The dialogues in the series are in Spanish.  It film portrays the story of the growth and spread of cocaine drugs across the globe. The events are based on true stories.

11.La Casa De Papel(2017):

La casa de Papel is a Spanish heist that is created by Alex Pina. It was released on May 2, 2017. The series shows a mysterious man who is planning the biggest heist. He rearranges a gang of eight people with different and unique abilities to carry out his plan. They have nothing to lose in their life. Their main goal is to enter the Royal Mint of Spain and to print 2.4 billion euros.


12.Alias Grace(2017):

This is based on the novel of 1996 with the same name that was written by Margaret Atwood. The series has a total of six episodes, and it was released on Netflix on November 3, 2017. The series portrays the story of Grace Marks, who is a poor Irish immigrant and also a domestic servant in Upper Canada. She is accused and convicted of the murder of her employer and his housekeeper. The murder took place in 1843. The story is based on actual events that took place in the 19th-century.

13. Dark (2017):

Dark is a German science fiction series that is created  by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese together. It is the first German-language series that is own by Netflix originals. It was released on Netflix on December 1, 2017. The story is about two young children who live in the German town of Winden who disappears suddenly. The story throws light on the broken relationships and the dark past of four families living in the same town. The story shows a mystery that spans  all three generations.

14. Peaky Blinders (2013):

The series is set in Birmingham, England. It was released on Netflix in 2013. It follows the story of the exploitation by the Shelby crime family after the First World War. The series is based on a gang named the Peaky Blinders, which consists of the Shelbys. It is a real story of the youth gang that was active in the city during the 1890s.


This is available in  2 versions. One is in A British version, and the other is in Swedish. It is a  Scandinavian crime series.


Elite is a Spanish teen drama that is created for Netflix. The story is about three working-class teens who enrolled themselves in a private school in Spain. There is a clash between them.  The story shows the wealthy students who eventually leads to murder.

17. Witnesses (2015):

Witnesses are based on a French police procedural.It is created by Marc Herpoux and Herve Hadmar. The plot shows the story of a young female detective who is put in charge of a case and must solve the mysterious past of her partner.

18.Crossing Lines(2013):

Crossing Lines is a German-French-Italian action-crime series that is created by Edward Allen Bernero and Rola Bauer. The theme of the series is very international. It is a series based on a special crime unit investigating serialized crimes that happens cross over European borders. They have to hunt down the criminals and bring them to justice.


It is an Australian series released by Netflix. This series is of eight-parts. It is written and created by Stephen M. Irwin and Leigh McGrath. It  is produced by Hoodlum Entertainment.

Tidelands show the story of a former criminal who returns to her home. She lives in a small fishing village of Orphelin Bay. She uncovers the town’s secrets while investigating the case of the body of a local fisherman. The body was found ashore.

20.Foyle’s War(2002):

Christopher Foylewas the  Detective Chief Superintendent during the time of World War II.  Andrew is Foyle’s son, who is a fighter pilot in the RAF. He fights the enemy during war times.

21.Lost Girl(2010):

Lost Girl is a Canadian supernatural series. The drama shows the life of a bisexual succubus Bo. He is played by Anna Silk because she learns how she can control her superhuman abilities. She uses her abilities to help those in need, and in this process, she discovers the truth about her origins.


The series is about Dr. John Watson, who is a war vet. He has  just returned home from Afghanistan. He meets the brilliant Holmes, who serves as a consultant to Scotland Yard. He advertises for a flatmate. Later they are mysteries of their own.

23. Bloodline(2015):

Bloodline is a thriller series that explores the demons who hide beneath an American family. The story shows a family named the Rayburns, who are hard-working pillars of the Florida Keys community. Their past contains dark secrets that they have buried long ago.

24. Demon’s Path(2018):

This is a Hong Kong-based horror-comedy. It follows the story of a forensic pathologist who is blessed with ability. He has the ability to see and tell the last 10-seconds of the life of the dead. He is working together with an exorcist and a policeman who are trying to solve homicide cases. Later, it is seen that they are the targets of the culprit.

25. Chambers(2019):

The drama is about a teenager who gets a heart transplant to survive after having a heart attack. She becomes consumed by the mystery that is surrounding her life-saving heart. She tries to get closer to the truth about her donor’s sudden death. She finds a lot of dark secrets during this process.

26. The Break(2016):

This series is a hidden gem. It shows a police detective who is mourning for his painful loss. He later moves back to his hometown to be drawn towards a murder case. The case that exposes all the dark secrets.

27. The Frankenstein Chronicles(2015):

The Frankenstein Chronicles is a crime drama series. The story shows the life of Inspector John Marlott, who is a river police officer. He uncovers a corpse that is made up of body parts from eight missing children. He investigates the case to find the culprit.

28. Bodyguard(2018):

The series revolves around Police Sergeant David Budd, who is a British Army war veteran. He is suffering from PTSD. He is currently working for the Royalty and Specialist Protection Branch of London. He is assigned as the principal protection officer (PPO) there. The series shows many issues regarding the controversy and allegations around the government.

29. Legends(2014):

The drama shows an experienced and talented actor who plays the role of a CIA. He is working for the FBI’s Deep Cover Operations, and during this time, Martin Odum transforms himself into a different person.

30. Travelers(2016):

This is a Netflix Original series. It a story of a federal agent who tracks four people. They suddenly seem to possess new personalities, which leads to a surprising discovery about humanity.

31. Case(2015):

The case was released in Iceland in 2015 and is now available on Netflix since 2016. It is an exciting Scandinavian crime fiction series. The story is of a smart lawyer whose drinking problems and recklessness send him on a path of self-destruction. He finds a new purpose of living in investigating a teenager’s sudden suicide.

32. Hinterland(2013):

The drama is based on the story of a detective. He used to work in London and now he works in the rural areas of Wales. Living there reminds him of his past, which reminds him of some event that he was unable to forget.

33.The Undoing (2020):

The drama is based on the modern twist to a classic tale. It shows the life of a wealthy New York therapist who turns upside down after she, along with her family, gets involved in a murder case. It is based on the wrongdoings done by the family.

34.The Sinner (2017):

The Sinner is an anthology crime series that is developed by Derek Simonds for the USA Network. The story shows a police detective who investigates the crimes committed by unlikely culprits. He also investigates their attempts to uncover the culprits.


35.Criminal Minds(2005):

Criminal Minds is an American police procedural drama that is both created and produced by Jeff Davis. It shows a group of criminals who work for the FBI as members of its Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). They are using behavioral analysis to investigate crimes. It is a story of the team showing how they work and tackle struggles.

36.Line of Duty(2012):

It is a series based on police procedural that is created by Jed Mercurio. It is produced by World Productions. This series shows an authorized firearms officer. He is transferred to Anti-Corruption Unit 12 after refusing to agree to cover up the shooting by his own team.


37. Luther(2010):

Luther is a psychological crime drama that is written by Neil Cross. It is the story of a dedicated police officer named Luther. He is obsessive and sometimes violent.  Luther paid a heavy price for his dedication. He was unable to prevent himself from the crimes with which he deals with. Those crimes create darkness in his life.

38. True Detective(2014):

True Detective is an anthology crime series that is created and written by Nic Pizzolatto. The series takes place in Louisiana and shows a pair of Louisiana State Police detectives. The story revolves around the life of three detectives from three departments. They investigate a number of crimes that are  believed to be linked to the murder of a corrupt politician.

39. Fargo(2014):

It is an American black comedy crime series that is created by Noah Hawley. The series is based on a 1996 film. The drama follows a format. It shows a different era with a different story.

40. Vera(2011):

Vera is a crime drama series that is based on the Vera Stanhope novels. It is written by crime writer Ann Cleeves. The story is of a Detective Chief Inspector named Vera Stanhope.  She is a nearly retired employee. She is too obsessive about her work and was driven by her own demons. She proves her skills frequently by pointing out errors in her co-workers’ thoughts.


41. Strike(2017):

The strike is a crime drama that is based on the Cormoran Strike detective novels. The novels are written by J. K. Rowling. The story shows the life of Cormoran Strike, who is a war veteran. He started a private detective operation in Denmark Street. He uses his insight as a Special Investigation Branch investigator to solve cases.

42.  Blue Bloods(2010):

Blue Bloods is a police procedural drama. The story is about the members of the Reagan family, which is an Irish Catholic family. They live in New York City . The family has work in law enforcement in the past. The series includes the story of a man named Frank Reagan, who is the Police Commissioner. All his children are also in the same field. His son Danny is an NYPD detective, his youngest son Jamie is also an NYPD sergeant, and his daughter Erin is an assistant in district attorney.

43. Cardinal(2017):

Cardinal is a Canadian crime series. The story of the series is adapted from the novels of crime writer Giles Blunt. The plot of the drama mainly focuses on a police detective named John Cardinal and his partner Lise Delorme. They both investigate crimes that take place in the city of Algonquin Bay.

44. Bosch(2014):

Bosch is a police procedural series that is produced by Amazon Studios. It is a story of an L.A.P.D., the homicide detective who works on a murder case. He has to solve the murder of a thirteen-year-old boy.

45. The Bridge(2011):

It is a Nordic crime series that is created and written by Hans Rosenfeldt. The series shows the discovery of a dead body. The body was found on the centre of the Oresund Bridge, a bridge that links Malmo with Copenhagen. This leads to a joint investigation.

46. Veronica Mars(2004):

Veronica Mars is an American teen mystery drama that is created by Rob Thomas. The series shows the events that happened in the town of Neptune, California. She is a student who progresses from high school to college and also a private investigator. She solves a different stand-alone case on her own, which will eventually lead her to know more secrets.

47. Unforgotten(2015):

Unforgotten is a crime drama. It is directed by Andy Wilson. The drama shows the life of two detectives living in London. DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan are the two detectives who have to solve cold cases that are related to disappearance and murder.

48. Jack Taylor(2010):

Jack Taylor is an Irish mystery drama that is based on the novels by Ken Bruen. The story shows a man named Jack Taylor, who is a former officer, along with the Garda Siochana, who becomes a private investigator after leaving the service.


49. Death in Paradise(2011):

Death in Paradise is a crime drama television series that is created by Robert Thorogood. The story of the drama is based on a detective who investigates the murder case of a British police officer that happened on the Caribbean island of Saint Marie.

50. Broadchurch(2013):

It is a serial crime drama. It was created by Chris Chibnall. The series tells the story of a town in Dorset. The plot revolves around the life of two police detectives DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller.