The New PS5 India Release Date Coming Soon – Out of Stock in Minutes

Know all about Sony’s most awaited releases in the gaming business and how

Sony launched one of its most awaited gaming consoles was launched on November 12, the PS5 gaming console was launched two days after its competitor Microsoft’s new Xbox series X and Xbox Series S were launched.

Gaming consoles usually have a large line of customers camping out of retail stores but this time it was different. Due to the pandemic, the consoles were sold online on the Sony store and its retail partners. Most of the units were already sold out way ahead of the launch day. The launch day was a crazy frenzy fest as the stocks lasted merely a few minutes and there were several websites crashes when it launched in the USA.

The PS5 is yet to launch in other countries, such as the UK on November 19 on retailers such as Amazon UK and even Walmart had confirmed that it will be selling PS5 consoles when it kicks off with the Black Friday sale.

The high-demand and the benefit of the pandemic is the reason why the launch was so successful and it hasn’t died down yet. The console which is currently sold for $500 has been sold up to $900 in the Japanese flea market. The inability to buy consoles pushed some to the listings on eBay where the prices climbed to $32,000.

The resale price for the Playstation 5 was 60 times than the original one and the Xbox series X was sold for a price of $8,000.

The rising popularity of e-gaming and tournaments during the pandemic and the excitement of getting your hands on a new release which only happens every five to seven years.

Pandemic and the gaming industry

The gaming industry is one of the most growing industries when the pandemic crippled the economy. Consumers spent a whopping $11.2 billion on video gaming in the third quarter, which is a jump of 24% since last year reported NPD group.

PS5 launch India

Sony has confirmed that the official launch date for the next-gen gaming console Playstation 5 in India, is yet to be confirmed. The console launched in America on November 12 and is set for a worldwide release in global markets on November 19.

In a Facebook post earlier this week, Sony said that it is yet to announce the launch date for India.  The post read “we are overwhelmed by the positive enthusiasm surround PS5. As communicated previously availability in each country is subject to, among other things, local import regulations and our local team are working through the logistics”

“To confirm, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has not announced a launch date for PS5 in India. We will share an update on the launch date for India as soon as more information becomes available; meanwhile please continue to monitor the official PlayStation channels” they added.

One of the reasons for the delayed launch of the PS5 console in India could be due to the trademark dispute which was resolved last month.

Though the launch is yet to be announced by Sony, the consoles have been priced depending on their two variants, the digital edition and the gaming console to be priced at Rs 39,990 and Rs 49,990 respectively.