WhatsApp Gets New Feature – Shopping Button with UPI Pay on Android, iOS

Technology is evolving each day, and WhatsApp is the same race. It has added a new feature of Shopping, which will make it easier for customers to discover a business’ catalog. Nowadays, People do much-affiliated marketing on WhatsApp. It is a great way to explore more and expand connectivity. This shopping button will let the user see which particular business is offering goods or services. WhatsApp says that the new button will make it easier for businesses and a good network for product discovery. This feature can also help to increase sales.

Nowadays, every person has an android phone with WhatsApp. More than 175 million people use WhatsApp to message every day, and more than 40 million people view a business catalog each month, which includes more than 3 million in India. WhatsApp has over 400 million users in India, and the company just rolled out the Payment Featured powered by Unified Payments Interface (UPI).

With this new WhatsApp shopping button, users will have a business account’s profile. The button appears as a storefront icon. This will change its earlier setting, where a user had to tap into the business’ profile to see the catalog. Tapping on the new shopping button will open up the whole catalog, and It an easy to access where users can browse through the items.

Well, WhatsApp claims that a new shopping button is available now across the world and on business accounts. It will replace the voice call button. If the user wants to find the voice call button, tap on the call button to select a voice or video call for the business account.

Taking WhatsApp as a platform for shopping is the big next step for the media. As the video below shows, WhatsApp hopes to be the one-stop destination for the user to access the profile for shopping; the user can check the product and message the seller, eventually buy the product and make his payment. The user will get all the order details on WhatsApp without interruption or switching the platform. This functionality will take some time.

Recently WhatsApp has launched its Payments service in India. Well, for now, It will be limited to 20 million users. The payment service is based on UPI, and WhatsApp will allow direct bank transfer payments.

The use of a shopping button on WhatsApp next to a business account

On WhatsApp, go to your business account. This could be any business account with which you chat regularly. If the seller has uploaded a catalog in the seller’s business account, then users will be able to see the symbol of a store shop right next to the account name. The user can Tap the symbol, and the catalog will open, displaying the business’s products. You can browse the catalog and see pictures of each product. If you like any of the products,  you may tap on the Message Business button below the product’s picture and raise a query about that particular product. The storefront symbol will only show if the business has a live catalog added to their WhatsApp business account.