Google Stadia coming to iOS Platforms Soon: Games will be Available on iPad and iPhone

Google has announced its game-streaming service called Stadia will now be debuted in Ios soon enough. Stadia will not arrive in the form of an ios app, because it violates the terms and conditions of the App Store but instead will be available to iOS users in the form of a progressive web app (PWA).

A PWA allows app developers to deliver an app-like experience through a website, and by using a web app to bring Stadia to ios users Google will be able to get through the rules and regulations of the App store but also bringing its experience to Apple users.

Google hasn’t exactly released when Stadia will be launched on iOS platforms but has confirmed that the public testing for the service will begin in several weeks from now. It will come on the iPhone and iPad and is similar to the upcoming xCloud service from Microsoft which is supposed to go live in the year 2021.

Additionally to Stadia and xCloud, GE Force’s NOW Cloud gaming service is already up and running on ios Safari in the beta version. The platform is also expected to feature the widely popular game Fortnite which has been banned from the App Store, as Epic Games who developed the famous battle royale game bypassed Apple’s standard 30 per cent fees of the app.

Stadia has not been a massive hit with gaming fans yet, as gamers have experienced issues such as frame drops while streaming games on the platform. However, it is still in its early stages after its launch in November 2019 and is expected to improve in the future. Earlier this year, some developers said that the lack of financial incentives has had a negative game development for Stadia, and others are worried about Googles lack of commitment in the long run for the platform.

As a part of its one year anniversary, Stadia announced its first slate of free-to-play games. A state share feature that allows players to share their points with viewers or followers on social media will be launched in January next year with the release of Hitman 3.

Stadia is yet to be made available in India, early reports claimed that Google has planned to introduce its digital gaming platform in the country by the year 2021, Google has yet not made an announcement relating to the release of Stadia in India yet.

Google has also announced that it will be releasing around 400 new games for the Cloud game streaming service. Most of these games would be arriving in 2021. The company has made large hires in its first-party development efforts, including ex-Ubisoft and EA producer Jade Raymond and ex-Sony Santa Monica studio head Shannon Studstill.

It is an exciting time for Google Stadia fans as they have many games and exciting offers coming on different platforms for users who would like to try out their streaming service. Google is investing time and effort to support the developers building the games. 2021 is a year which is dedicated to new releases, and exciting things to look forward to as pandemic had put a halt in some of the games.