FAU-G India’s own PUBG Gained Huge Traction in Pre-Register Phase

The game which is also known as Fearless and United Guards is set to be released in December. The developers of the game who are known as Studio nCore games have not released the exact date but we know that it is not far away. The game which has over a million pre-registrations.

The game was announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, the multiplayer game is titled ‘FAU-G: Fearless and United Guards’ to support the Prime Minister’s Atmanirbhar Bharat movement, which focuses on the promotion of more homegrown products. The game aims to provide an alternative for India, as PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September along with 117 apps. Recently, news has risen that PUBG is looking forward to making a comeback in the Indian market.

Sources tell that the developers are trying so hard to launch in December, and if everything goes as planned the launch of FAUG before 2021 is looking like a possibility.

Will there be an APK download? Where can you download it?

After the launch, you can download the game from the app store, or directly download the APK file via the official FAU-G website. The game is officially yet to launch, all the information pertaining to the game are through the promoters and developers nCore games.

Just like any game, the APK can be downloaded from the website and is only available after the official launch and release of the game.

How to register for the game?

Many have already pre-registered for the game. According to the developers, more than a million have already pre-registered for the game. The pre-registration can only be done through Google Play Store. So, if you want to head out to try out the new game that’s the place where you should be.

How is the game different from PUBG?

FAU-G for once is being released earlier than PUBG and is ready to be launched soon. Other than being made in India, it is a new and exciting game. FAU-G is ready to be launched and is available for pre-registration, currently. Google Play will be able to notify when the game is available. But here are the five differences that you need to know.

  • FAU-G is an action game, whereas PUBG is a battle royal game just like its global version. FAU-G is not a competitor for the PUBG Mobile India game
  • There have been rumors that the first episode of FAU-G will be based on the events in Galwan Valley. Unlike PUBG Mobile, this will be based on real incidents. The first glimpse into the episode showcased the Indian army at the Galwan Valley. No details have been released yet about the weapons that are going to be used in the game
  • The modified version of the game is developed by a South Korean based PUBG corporation. In the case of FAU-G, it is made in our own home, India, and is developed by the Bangalore-based studio nCore game.
  • A much more secure data, in which all of your private data is stored in the country. The FAU-G game will completely be hosted in India on India’s Data Servers and it is completely secured.
  • This game will come suited to Indian Players and serve the Indian community.

If you are one for action games, and something which is made right close to where you are then this game is the right one for you.