Water Style Users

In  Naruto




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Yamato: Is a Earth & Water Style User producing Wood Release

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Zabuza Momochi: Is one of the Water Style strongest Seven Swordsmen

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Kakashi Hatake: He use to copy his opponent's Water Style jutsus and use it to counter their attack

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Suigetsu: He can transform his body into liquid as his water style techniques 

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Yagura Karatachi: He is the Fourth Mizukage, and the master of Water Mirror Technique

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Kabuto Yakushi: He uses Giant Waterfall technique as his Water Style jutsus

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Mei Terumi: She is the Strongest Lady Mizukage using her Water Pillar technique

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Gengetsu Hozuki: Known for his Dangerous Water Style Jutsus called Plethora 

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Tobirama Senju: He is the Second Hokage in Konoha better known for his Water Fang Bullet technique

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Kisame Hoshigaki: He is better known as the Tail-less Beast using his Water Prison Shark Dance Technique