Resident Evil Netflix TV Series Release Ending Explained

T H E  P O S T

Live action series Resident Evil is the best adaptation. With ... 

so many twisted stories, That's why fans are asking more questions before it ends.

The Resident Evil series has split story timelines from the years 2022 and 2036.

The two timelines might be connected with what happened about spreading the T-virus in 2036.

The 2022 timeline ends with Albert Wesker sacrificing to help Jade, Bert, and Billie to escape from Umbrella's compound.

Before Albert blows up the Umbrella lab, Bert finds out that Ada Wong is a spy, which she originally appeared in ...

Resident Evil 2, where she has a task to steal the sample of G-Virus.

At the end of the season, it shows how Jade and Billie begin to drift apart.

In the final shot of the series, It shows Albert's Note...

Revealing the address of Ada Wong and it seems like there are more things to do. In a game, Ada Wong and Albert have a close relationship.