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Ethiopia has withdrawn its support for the World Health Organization

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There has been no food supply since mid-December, "Tedros told a news conference.

"My family and all My acquaintances are suffering from this condition and I have to protect them all," Tedros said.

Ethiopia has sent a letter to the World Health Organization (WHO) accusing it of misbehaving Tedros after the country's war and crisis.

The world's attention is focused on Ukraine, 


The World Health Organization says, "nowhere on earth is the health of more people at risk" than in Ethiopia's Tigre region.

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The situation in Tigris is "catastrophic" The region has been "closed to the outside world" for 500 days.

The supply line has opened in Ukraine. The agency called for an end to the attacks on health workers

There are 40,000 people living with HIV in Ethiopia and yet there is no medical treatment available


The government has cut off humanitarian aid to the region.

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