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Europe and UK in Lockdown – Second Wave Total Cases Pass 10 million

The coronavirus has made a comeback, and it has hit Europe and UK pretty hard forcing them to go into a second lockdown. Cases have been on the rise massively mainly affecting England, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, and Italy surpassing over 10 million total infections.

The UK

The Prime Minister of UK Boris Johnson has announced a second lockdown for the country to prevent the overflowing cases of coronavirus and too save the NHS from any trouble.  He apologized for the impact of the lockdown on businesses but said the furlough system paying 80% of the wages of the employees will be extended through the month of November. He said that if a lockdown is not imposed, the hospitals in the south-west of England where the cases are the lowest could run out of capacity in weeks. Doctors and nurses would be forced to choose which patients to treat and who would get oxygen, who wouldn’t, and who would live or die.

Under the new restrictions, people are being told to stay home unless they have a specific reason to leave such as work or education. People are also allowed to leave home for exercise, medical reasons, food and essential shopping, and providing care for the vulnerable or volunteering.

Meeting indoors or in private places will not be allowed but individuals can meet outside in a public place. Pubs, bars, restaurants, and non-essential retail stores will be closed but takeaways and click and collect shopping can remain open. Construction sites and manufacturing places can remain open. Leisure and entertainment venues, including gyms, will be remained closed. Educational institutes such as colleges and schools also remain open.

The lockdown will start on Thursday, and last until at least early December. Cases in the UK where the pandemic is controlled separately in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have increased by almost 22,000 on Saturday.

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The country entered a new lockdown last Friday where 65 million people were confined to their homes and required a written statement to leave their home. France had recorded 35,641 cases which pushed the total number of cases to 1.37M making France the fourth most affected country in the world. The new regulations state that all bars, restaurants, and non-essential businesses would be shut down. Students up to high schools will be allowed to go and Universities will stick to teaching online methods only. Emanuel Macron also said that factories and farms will be allowed to operate and announced additional relief for businesses.

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Germany imposed a month-long lockdown as their coronavirus cases reach an all-time peak of 19,059 positive cases reported yesterday. The closure of restaurants, gyms, and theatres are intended to reverse the spike in coronavirus cases that risk overwhelming hospitals. Private gatherings will be limited to 10 people from a maximum of two houses to curb the rise in cases.

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Source: Worldometer


Several other European countries have been taking drastic measures and imposing lockdowns for a month-long, just in time for things to be better during the festive season. The lockdown imposed with stricter measures to handle the second wave of the virus. The spike in the positive cases could be the result of the people traveling as lockdowns eased inside Europe during the summer season and because of the increased chance of survival of the virus when the temperatures drop low for the winter season