The US Elections 2020: A Tight and Uncertain Race for the Win

The US presidential elections got everyone around the world tweeting about it as Prez. Donald Trump and Joe Biden are neck and neck towards for the win. There was no ‘blue wave’ for Democrats on Tuesday night, as Trump nabbed the famous States, Texas and Florida. Everyone’s been bracing for more mail ballots to be drawn out as they continued to be counted. The late burst of votes from Wisconsin gave Biden a small lead against Trump which overtaken.

The focus now shifts to the electoral colleges of these three states; Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin which prove crucial to determining who the next President of the United States of America is. It is very uncertain and early to predict easily, but Joe Biden is in the lead right now as of when reported (Nov. 5, 0022hrs IST)

Some of the key highlights for the election as for now includes;


  • Twitter flagged POTUS’s tweets

Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. flagged some of President Trump’s tweet as the votes were being still counted in order to handle misinformation and premature claims of victory. Trump who is known for his judgemental and infamous tweets had up to two of his tweets flagged by Twitter and proceeded to retweet more flagged ones. His tweet claimed “We are up BIG, but they are trying to STEAL the Election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed!” which was flagged for sharing disputed and misled content about an election. In a now-deleted tweet, Trump also spelled the word ‘polls’ as ‘poles’.

  • Coronavirus or the economy

The US being the most affected country from the pandemic has given the voters a choice to make between a public health crisis or rebuilding the economy. Neither candidate is a clear choice to any of the solutions. The Associated Press held a VoteCast and voters said that former Vice President Joe Biden would likely be able to handle the coronavirus pandemic better than Trump, while Trump would most likely be the better candidate to rebuild an economy.


  • Niraj Antani becomes first Indian-American to be elected as state senate

The political science graduate, Niraj Antani becomes the first state Senator for the Ohio Senate’s sixth division. He is also one of the youngest lawmakers in the USA. Antani’s parents immigrated to the US in 1987 and settled in      Washington township.


  • Four Indian-American lawmakers re-elected to House of Representatives

Dr. Ami Bera, Pramila Jayapal, Ro Khanna, and Raja Krishnamoorthi have been re-elected into the US House of Representatives. The list might expand with at least one more as Hiral Tipireni the sixth Congressional district of Arizona when this was reported.

  • Trump bids to stop voting

The president let out a statement trying to shut down the counting of the casted ballots was received as outrageous and incorrect by the opposing party.

  • The LGBTQ+ factor

Democrat Ritchie Torres has become the first openly gay African-American elected in the US Congress. Torres is a New York City Council Member. Like Torres, several other members of the LGBTQ+ communities have swooped wins including Sarah McBride who is the first openly transgender person to win a State Senate, and Mondaire Jones. At least 35 of a record 574 LGBTQ+ candidates on the ballots were estimated to have won as of early Wednesday.

  • Biden keeps faith

During the initial results, Joe Biden urged his supporters to “keep the faith” and told his supporters that “your patience is commendable”.

Meanwhile, Trump tweeted out that the democrats were trying to STEAL the elections,


The voters in America are not only electing the President but also for the 435 US House seats, 33 US Senate seats and 11 governorship members. As of now, Joe Biden leads in the states of Michigan, and Wisconsin. Whereas Trump wishes a recount of the votes in the state of Wisconsin. It is a neck and neck battle between the two, and we yet, have to wait for the results to come.

As of now, the state of Pennsylvania is led by Donald Trump (53.5%) followed by (45.4%) for Biden with 20 electoral votes, the final results should be ready within days.

The state of Wisconsin with 10 electoral votes is being led by Joe Biden (49.6%) and Donald Trump (48.9%)

Michigan, would not be complete by late Wednesday as Detroit had a record turnout this year, with 96% reporting, and 16 electoral votes Joe Biden leads (49.7%) followed by Donald Trump (48.8%)

Georgia and North Carolina, with Trump leading (50.3%) and (50.1%) respectively.

And finally, the state of Nevada, which isn’t expected for days as it awaits ballots mailed as late as election day to arrive, with 67% reporting Biden holds the lead (49.2%) followed by Trump (48.6%)


The results for the election will be updated as soon as possible.