Vladimir Putin might Give Up his Presidency in January and Here’s Why

Russia: President Vladimir Putin has recently been developing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease which directly affects the brain causing shakiness and stiffness in muscles. Putin who has served as the Russian president for over 20 years had recently won a referendum which changes the limits of his presidency in the country. This referendum which was passed in 2020 allows Putin to remain the President of Russia until the year 2036.

In recent footage of Vladimir Putin, it can be seen that his legs are at constant motion, which was pointed out by officials. Putin also looked to be in pain, and his fingers were seen to be twitching as he held a pen. These can be seen as some of the common symptoms in the onset of Parkinson’s disease. Several had allegedly claimed that he gripped a cup which was believed to contain painkillers.

Moscow’s political scientist Valery Solovei told that Putin’s girlfriend, Alina Kabaeva, who is 37-years-old and his two daughters are pushing him to leave the office. The influence of his family might make him leave the office soon, Putin allegedly intends to handover his plans publicly in January.

Meanwhile, The Kremlin insisted that the Russian President was in good health and has no plans to resign. Dmitry Peskov a spokesperson for denied the rumours addressing to Putin’s health and said “He is in excellent health” and called the rumours “pure nonsense”

The reason for the Kremlin to deny the reports could be due to Putin’s image consciousness, and the heavily state-controlled media service which is present throughout his tenure and protects the projection of his vitality.

Putin has served longer for any leader since Josef Stalin and will be serving for long enough if his conditions are excellent as they claim to. His recent move could be due to his inability to find a successor who would protect him from legal persecution if and when he follows the tradition of elder statesmen leaving their public life to retire into relative obscurity. Putin has his own billion-dollar palace for himself called the Dacha Putin which means Putin’s Country Cottage.

Putin is known for being a strong Russian leader and has been in power since 1999. He is currently 67-year-old and has been guided by authoritarian role models for his rule. Recently, Putin was in the news when he ordered the Russian government to fight the climate change, and a stressed action must be balanced with the dire need to ensure strong economic development of the country.

Russia is now known as the world’s fourth-largest emitter of greenhouse gases and has signalled the acceptance of the accord. Putin now formally ordered to cut the greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 up to 30% below the emission levels in 1990.  He said that any action taken must ensure the steady and balanced socio-economic development of the country and ordered the government to draw a socio-economic strategy which could focus on lower emissions up to the year 2050.

Climate change poses a serious threat to Russia whose economy relies on oil and gas production heavily and as well as mining. Putin cast himself as the defender of the environment and questioned the ill effects of human activity on our mother earth.