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Is Covid-19 Vaccine Development News True?

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 has consumed half of the world’s population and is tremendously spreading at a high rate. Therefore, nations across the globe are petrified as they view it as a growing threat. Eventually, many people lost their lives, and some lost their homes, even some of them lost their jobs due to the pandemic. A complete lockdown of six or seven months was bought into the practice.

As a result, everything in the affected premises was closed. Even after the lockdown, the virus was spreading rapidly, and the immediate quest for the vaccine was there. The good news is developments in the covid vaccine have been observed and will be ready in March 2021. According to sources, the vaccine is 90% effective and will be a life potion for many corona warriors. This news has boosted the hopes of many.

On Monday, a United States (US) based pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, announced the development in the making of the vaccine. Reports claim the Covid-19 vaccine is has been proven 90% effective against the coronavirus in the Phase 3 trials. Phase 3 trial is the crucial part in which some experiments might fail.

By applying the experimental approach, the genetic codes of the ongoing virus will be injected into the human body so as to immune the body against the virus. Considering it safe, the vaccine has been injected into the bodies of 43,000 people.  Hearing the good news, former President Donald Trump stated, “Such great news! Vaccine coming soon.”

Whereas the elected President, Joe Biden, congratulated every woman and man who have tirelessly worked against all odds for creating the Covid-19 vaccine. He further stated, “It is good news. But the tough battle lies ahead. Wearing masks and maintaining social distancing will still continue in the upcoming year.”  

But the real question lies, “When will the vaccine arrive?” Pfizer predicts that the company will be able to supply around 50 million doses by the end of 2020 and around 1.3 million in 2021. Although the United Kingdom (UK) has not announced who will be on their priority list. As age is larger factors and old age people are more susceptible to this virus, old age homes, and over 80-year-old workers will be treated with this vaccine first. At last, experts believe that the vaccine will be available in the middle of 2021 and will be supplied accordingly.

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Despite this upcoming vaccine, there are around nine more vaccines that have reached Phase 3 trial. Primarily, the vaccines are being tested in the UK, US, China, Brazil, Russia, and Belgium.  The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine (UK), Novavax  (US), Moderna (US), Beijing Institute of Biological Products and Sinopharm  (China), Sinovac and Instituto Butantan (Brazil), Gamaleya Research Institute (Russia), CanSino with the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology  (China), Janssen (Pharmaceutical company under Johnson &Johnson, Belgium), and Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and Sinopharm (China).

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccine injects the genetic code of the virus in the body. However, Chinese vaccines have injected, the original virus but in a non-traceable form. However, Pfizer and a German company, BioNTech SE, are the first pharmaceutical companies to provide successful and safe data on the vaccine.