Joe Biden Indian Connection Has World Shocked

During his visit to India in 2013, Biden mentioned that he had some relatives living in Mumbai. Biden after becoming a senator in 1972 received a little from a Lisa Biden living in India which stated that his great, great, great, great, great grandfather named George Biden was a captain in the East India Trading companies where he had married an Indian woman and decided to settle in India.

The 77-year old Democrat is all set to take the oath as the 46th president of the United States of America, along with Kamala Harris who is the first black vice president and the first woman to be the vice president of the USA, Harris also has her roots in India as her mother was born in the state of Tamil Nadu and later when she moved to the US to marry a Jamaican descendant and settle there, her aunts still remain in the city of Madras, now Chennai.

The letter which was received by Biden claimed that Leslie Biden’s family had been residing in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra since 1873. Leslie Biden was the manager of Bharat Lodge and Hostel, and Bharat Café in Nagpur. While reading the ‘Illustrated Weekly of India’ weekly issue in the year 1891 he came across an article about the then-senator Joe Biden and decided to contact him.

Leslie sent a letter dated April 15, 1891, to Joe Biden and received a reply from Joe in May claiming that he was pleased after getting the letter and discussed Bidens’ genealogy. Leslie passed away in 1893.

Leslie Biden’s descendants now live all over the world in Nagpur, Mumbai, the US, Australia and New Zealand and the victory of Joe Biden in the US presidential elections has made them proud.

Biden is all set to take the seat in the Whitehouse in January after defeating Donald Trump with his running mate Kamala Harris. Biden has made great promises to change the United States of America and to rework some of Trump’s policies which were termed inhumane. Trump is defying his defeat against Biden and refuses to concede.