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BabyMonster Sparks Controversy Over Having a 14-Year-Old Member: Backlash Regarding Youngest Member

Recently, on November 27, 2023, BabyMonster debuted with “Batter Up,” quickly amassing over 68 million views on YouTube. This remarkable achievement has made history in the K-pop industry. However, BabyMonster has also sparked controversy for including a minor in its lineup. The youngest member of the group is just 14 years old. Who is she?

As many know, Ahyeon, who was supposed to be part of the group, left due to medical reasons. BabyMonster now consists of six members: Ruka, Rora, Pharita, Asa, Chiquita, and Rami. Each member has proven their talent in vocals, music sense, and dancing in their debut music video, “Batter Up.”

BabyMonster’s youngest member, Chiquita, has sparked debate due to her age, being just 14 years old at debut.

Despite their success, there is criticism regarding the inclusion of Chiquita, the 14-year-old member. Some fans have noted her resemblance to BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Chiquita, born in 2009, has sparked debate about the industry’s practice of debuting very young idols.

The controversy has led to discussions on social media. One comment noted, “This isn’t okay.” Others expressed concern about the group’s young ages. The eldest member of BabyMonster is reportedly 17 years old, adding to the criticism. Some have sarcastically remarked that YG Entertainment took the “baby” in BabyMonster’s name too seriously.

The industry’s trend of debuting younger idols is not new. Last year, New Jeans also debuted with a 14-year-old member, Hyein. The issue with BabyMonster is compounded by the YG NEXT MOVEMENT’s statement that the members have been training for four years. This raises questions about how young they were when they started training.

BabyMonster’s youngest member, Chiquita draws similarity to Blackpink’s Lisa.

Chiquita, the 14-year-old maknae, hails from Thailand, much like BLACKPINK’s Lisa. This has led some fans to call her “mini Lisa” due to their similar facial expressions, styling, and smiles. However, some fans find her age disturbing, wondering if the agency styled her to look older.

Despite the controversy, Chiquita’s talent is undeniable. How do you feel about BabyMonster’s debut and Chiquita’s place in the group? Do you support and like Chiquita from BabyMonster?

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