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BabyMonster’s Debut Single ‘Batter Up’ Surpasses 50 Million Views on YouTube: An Astounding Start

The new K-pop girl group, BabyMonster, has made headlines with their debut single, “Batter Up,” crossing 50 million views on YouTube. This achievement marks an incredible start for the group, despite the pre-debut departure of member Ahyeon due to health reasons.

BabyMonster, formed by YG Entertainment, is often compared to its famous predecessor, BLACKPINK. The group, also known as Baemon, consists of six members: Rami, Rora, Ruka, Pharita, Asa, and Chiquita. Their pre-debut music video, “Dream,” set high expectations among fans.

On November 27, 2023, BabyMonster made their official debut without Ahyeon. The single “Batter Up” quickly garnered massive attention, crossing 50 million views on YouTube in just four days. Fans praised its music, lyrics, and choreography, eagerly anticipating more from the group.

BabyMonster’s debut single “Batter Up” achieved 50 million views on YouTube in just four days, setting a new K-pop record.

On December 1, 2023, YG Entertainment officially announced BabyMonster’s milestone achievement. The group reached 50 million views around 7:48 am KST, setting a new record in the K-pop industry. Previously, Aespa’s “Black Mamba” held the record, achieving the same milestone in five days and 23 hours.

As of now, “Batter Up” has reached 68 million views. Each member of BabyMonster expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support. The success of “Batter Up” has positioned them as potential successors to BLACKPINK, a comparison fueled by YG Entertainment’s branding.

Fans are eagerly sharing clips of “Batter Up” across social media, contributing to its global reach. Despite initial nervousness, the members’ hard work paid off, and they are now preparing for their follow-up song. YG Entertainment has confirmed more exciting projects in the pipeline, keeping fans on edge.

How much did you enjoy BabyMonster’s “Batter Up”? This is just the beginning of the group. With such a phenomenal start, BabyMonster is poised for more recognition and success in the near future.

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