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ATEEZ Wins ‘Champion Song’ on MBC’s ‘Show Champion’ with “Crazy Form”

The top 5 nominees for the ‘Champion Song’ on MBC’s ‘Show Champion’ for the week of December 6 included ATEEZ’s “Crazy Form,” Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s “To. X,” Dreamcatcher’s “OOTD,” Aespa’s “Drama,” and Red Velvet’s “Chill Kill.” Each of these songs had strong performances and significant fan support, making the competition intense.

In the end, ATEEZ’s entry song “Crazy Form” ranked No. 1 among the nominees. This achievement is particularly notable as it marks their first music show win for “Crazy Form.” The group’s fans, known as ATINY, celebrated this milestone enthusiastically.

This win also adds to ATEEZ’s impressive track record, being their 19th win. The group’s consistent success in various music shows highlights their growing influence and popularity in the K-pop industry.

ATEEZ’s “Crazy Form” tops ‘Champion Song’ for December 6 on ‘Show Champion.’

The members of ATEEZ have expressed their gratitude to their fans and supporters for their continuous encouragement. The win on ‘Show Champion’ serves as a testament to their hard work and the strong connection they have with their audience.

ATEEZ’s victory with “Crazy Form” not only solidifies their standing in the music scene but also sets a positive tone for their future projects. The group’s dynamic performances and innovative music continue to surprise fans worldwide.

ATEEZ celebrates their 19th win, thanking fans for their support.

Congratulations to ATEEZ for their well-deserved win on ‘Show Champion’! Fans eagerly await their next achievements and look forward to more exciting music and performances from the talented group.

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