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G-Dragon Applauded for Establishing Youth Anti-Drug Foundation

Korean netizens are praising G-Dragon for his admirable decision to establish a foundation aimed at preventing youth involvement in illegal drugs. On December 21, Galaxy Corporation director Jo Sung Hae addressed the press at JW Marriott Hotel, representing G-Dragon. Despite being cleared of any wrongdoing in a recent drug scandal, G-Dragon faced significant challenges due to unfounded speculations.

In a letter conveyed by Director Jo, G-Dragon shared his plans to create a foundation focused on combating illegal drug issues, particularly aiding vulnerable youth. He expressed his dedication to helping those exposed to dangerous paths and providing medical assistance and support systems for those at risk.

G-Dragon was recently cleared of drug-related allegations after a thorough investigation.

G-Dragon wrote, “I’ve decided to act for those youth who are defenceless and exposed to dangerous paths, for those who choose a path without knowing that it is a frightening and mistaken path, by doing work to eradicate illegal drugs.

I want to make opportunities for medical help available to everyone. I want to create a system where I can act as an oppa, hyung, dongsaeng, or just an acquaintance to those who are weak and defenseless, so that they may not fall victim to injustice once again. To make sure that I can sustain this role and this system, I have decided to establish a foundation.”

G-Dragon launches foundation to combat youth drug involvement.

The letter concluded with, “This is how Kwon Ji Yong intends to begin his 2024. I will fulfil my duties as both an artist and as a member of society, by making a comeback and by contributing to society, so I hope that you all will also do your best to fulfil your duties and responsibilities. I believe that when the collective will and actions of many people come together, change is possible.”

Numerous netizens are applauding G-Dragon for his commendable decision to establish the foundation. Comments included, “Experiencing such an ordeal and deciding to exert effort in the anti-drug campaign is truly remarkable,” and “G-Dragon is more than a ‘bigger person,’ he’s a saint.”

Others praised his resilience and dedication, noting his continued success and commitment to positive change.

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