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Nikki Haley’s Book Resurfaces with Revelations on Husband’s Name Change

Almost 12 years ago, Nikki Haley, who is now running for president as a Republican, wrote about changing her husband’s name. This story came up again during the Republican primary.

A reporter from Vox shared a part of Haley’s book from 2012 called “Can’t Is Not an Option” on social media. In the book, Haley talks about how she started calling her husband, Michael Haley, by his middle name instead of his first name, Bill.

Haley wrote in her book, “‘You may be wondering how ‘Bill’ became South Carolina First Gentleman Michael Haley.’ After we started dating, I looked at him one day and said, ‘What’s your name?’ ‘You know it’s Bill,’ he said, puzzled. ‘You just don’t look like a Bill. What’s your whole name?’ ‘William Michael.’ From that point on, I started calling him Michael, and all my friends did the same.”

She explained, “When he transferred to Clemson his sophomore year, my friends became his friends, and before we knew it, he was universally known as Michael. Everyone who knew him before I did knows him as Bill, and everyone who met him after I did knows him as Michael.”

Nikki Haley's Book Resurfaces with Revelations on Husband's Name Change

Nikki Haley, wrote about changing her husband’s name

Haley wrote that he “looks like a Michael.”

This story about Haley renaming her husband was reported in 2012, but many people didn’t know about it until now. The post about it got over 1 million views.

Haley has been doing well in the polls lately, especially after her good performances in the first three GOP presidential debates. She moved ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for second place in New Hampshire, which is the first primary in the Republican nomination process.

Her campaign didn’t comment on this story.

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