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Critics Slam Golden Globes 2024 as Sign of Worsening

The 2024 Golden Globes were supposed to be different. They made changes to their voting system, got a new owner, and switched networks. But all that didn’t matter when the show turned out to be terrible.

The whole night was painful. It wasn’t funny, and there were only a couple of good speeches during the three-hour-long broadcast.

The usual “celebrities get drunk for our entertainment” vibe was missing. Instead, famous people sat in their seats looking bored, like they were in detention.

The biggest change the Globes needed? They should’ve ditched the host, unless they could get someone as funny as Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell.

But they couldn’t, and instead, viewers had to sit through Jo Koy’s painful opening monologue. His jokes were so bad, I couldn’t help but groan out loud.

Koy even snapped at the audience, telling them to shut up because he only had ten days to prepare. Not a great start to a three-hour show.

Critics Slam Golden Globes 2024 as Sign of Worsening

2024 Golden Globes were supposed to be different

Another awkward moment was when Koy made fun of Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, who wasn’t even there. Swift didn’t find it funny, and neither did anyone else.

As for the winners, there weren’t many surprises. “Oppenheimer” cleaned up, winning five awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor.

But “Barbie” didn’t do so well. Despite having nine nominations, it only won two awards, including Best Song.

And poor Bradley Cooper lost again, making it likely he’ll lose at the Oscars too.

The show was a disappointment. And with more awards shows coming up, it’s just too much. Maybe it’s time for the Globes to call it quits.

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