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The Threat to Every American as Biden’s Deterrence Weakens

As the new year began, leaders from countries unfriendly to the United States showed just how much President Biden’s weak stance has allowed America’s ability to defend itself to weaken.

Russian President Vladimir Putin repeated his desire to control Ukraine and strengthen ties with China, hinting at a return to Soviet influence.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared plans to build more nuclear weapons, citing global conflicts as reasons for urgency.

Amid Iran’s attacks on Israel, officials warned of consequences for America if it opposed their actions.

These threats wouldn’t have been taken seriously four years ago. But with Biden’s administration not showing strength, these hostile moves are becoming more common, putting Americans at risk.

Most worrying is China’s growing boldness. President Xi Jinping recently warned that Taiwan will eventually be part of China, a message he’s repeated, backed by a significant military buildup.

The Threat to Every American as Biden's Deterrence Weakens

President Biden’s weak stance has allowed America’s ability to defend itself to weaken

China’s rapid military expansion now threatens America’s economic and security interests. With the world’s largest navy, China’s nuclear submarines can reach the U.S.

Xi sees American weakness as an opportunity to reshape global power dynamics in China’s favor.

These global tensions affect every American, from farmers to factory workers to tech entrepreneurs.

Ignoring Iran’s actions has led to disruptions in Red Sea shipping and higher energy prices.

Allowing Russia to dominate Ukraine would threaten global trade routes and risk American soldiers’ lives.

If China feels confident enough to take Taiwan, it would have severe consequences for America’s economic and military interests.

We can’t afford to let America’s deterrence weaken further. Reviving our strength is essential to prevent or end these conflicts.

It’s not too late to change course, but we must act now to protect America’s future.

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