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K-Netizens Bizarre Reaction to Choi Jong Hoon’s Comeback: What is the Reason Behind?

On January 15, reports emerged that former F.T. Island member Choi Jong Hoon is set to resume his entertainment activities in Japan. This news has drawn significant attention and criticism from Korean netizens.

Choi Jong Hoon has launched an account on Japan’s premier fan community platform, ‘FANICON,’ allowing fans to interact with him for a monthly fee of 500 KRW (approximately $4). In a message on the platform, he expressed gratitude for the support he received during his hiatus and shared his plans to engage with fans and share his personal life.

Korean netizens express strong disapproval of Choi Jong Hoon’s Comeback due to his past legal troubles.

However, Korean netizens are strongly opposed to his return to the public eye due to his previous legal issues. In 2016, Choi Jong Hoon was prosecuted for group sexual assault and the illegal filming of an intoxicated woman. He served a 2-year and 6-month prison sentence and was released on parole in November 2021.

The reactions from Korean netizens have been overwhelmingly negative, with comments such as:

  • “You can’t fix old habits.”
  • “He’s a convict and a sexual offender.”
  • “He shouldn’t be on TV.”
  • “He should just get a regular job and live quietly out of the public’s eyes.”

On social media, the criticism continued:

  • “Is he not ashamed?”
  • “He’s going to Japan to bring shame to Korea.”
  • “I hope he gets rejected in Japan too.”

The backlash highlights the strong disapproval and lingering resentment towards Choi Jong Hoon’s attempt to return to the entertainment industry.

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