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Enhancing EU Economic Security Through Strategic Trade and Research Initiatives

The Commission has suggested several ways to boost the EU’s economic security. Europe, like many regions, faces rising geopolitical tensions and major technological changes, bringing various challenges.

To keep the EU open and attractive for business and investment, the Commission has proposed new measures in trade and research.

Trade Measures

Foreign Investment Screening:

To safeguard the EU’s security, the Commission proposes enhancing the screening of foreign investments. This initiative aims to ensure that all Member States adopt screening processes with consistent rules.

The Commission suggests better foreign investment screening to protect the EU’s security from potential risks.

Additionally, it seeks to broaden the scope of investments subject to review, thereby fortifying the EU’s economic resilience against potential threats.

Export Coordination:

In a concerted effort to prevent dual-use goods, such as advanced electronics, from falling into unauthorized hands, the Commission advocates for improved coordination in their export.

By aligning export procedures, the EU can bolster its ability to regulate the dissemination of items with both civilian and military applications.

Risk Identification:

The Commission underscores the importance of identifying and mitigating risks associated with certain EU investments abroad.

Measures include coordinated export controls of dual-use goods to prevent misuse and enhance security.

Specifically, there is a focus on evaluating how investments in advanced technologies could inadvertently bolster the military capabilities of potential adversaries.

Such foresight is integral to preserving the EU’s economic and strategic interests.

Research Measures

Technological Support:

Recognizing the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future, the Commission emphasizes the need to support the development of versatile technologies.

By fostering innovation and adaptability, the EU can stay at the forefront of global advancements, ensuring its continued relevance and competitiveness.

Research Security Enhancement:

To safeguard research endeavors and intellectual property, the Commission seeks to enhance research security across the EU.

This entails implementing measures to protect sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access, thereby fostering an environment conducive to sustained scientific progress and innovation.

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